Big Brother Naija season 7 housemate, Adekunle, took a swipe at fellow housemate, Bella, during a fight over dirty plates on Friday morning.

The drama started when Bella spotted a plate Adekunle had used to eat dinner the night before on the table. She queried why he left a dirty plate on the table and accused him of being one of those who pile their plates in the house sink without washing them.

Adekunle then tried to explain that he deliberately left the plate on the table so he could wash it when he was ready and his plate wouldn’t get mixed up with the piled up dirty plates in the sink.

However, Bella wasn’t having his explanation as she continued to tackle him for not washing his plate after eating.

As they went back and forth with Adekunle trying to justify his action, he took a swipe at Bella, stating that she’s not intelligent.

As he left the lounge to the kitchen to do the dish, Adekunle said it was pointless trying to explain himself to Bella as she’s not brilliant.

“I’m just wasting my energy explaining to you, you are not particularly brilliant”, he told Bella.

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