Hi bros. Ystday was one of the worst days of my life I tell you but Lord God Jehovah has shown me vision from heaven and am grateful. Am Edward am currently doing my youth service in Ebonyi State I have just a few months left to wrap up. My girl and myself have been dating for 3 years now. We have never missed a Val ever.

About 2 weeks ago my girls sister called to say she had food poison and she was admitted. I was worried, sent her all my allowee so she can sustain her needs and get better cos I can’t leave my place of assignments. We later spoke on phone, she sent me pictures from her admission bed at the hospital and told me not to come to Lagos for val that she will doll my vibe bcos of her stage and infections. I said ok.

But i call her everytime to check on her.

Last week of val, I received an offer of free ride to Lagos and some change from my guys.
So, I decided to surprise her. ON arrival to Lagos on Saturday I called her to say I was in Lagos and I was coming to the hospital, to the shock of my life sir! She switched off her 2 phones, I proceeded to the hospital where I interviewed the staff there. They said they have never seen anyone like her this year. On getting this info, I knew the shiiiiii was real. I decided to look for her round lagos, from Alausa, Surulere to Lekki 1 scheme. I didn’t sight her, her friends and sister were covering for her. I spend all my change of 14k on taxi fairs. I told my friends about it, they said I shouldn’t allow her kill my vibe so we proceeded to rhapsody at IC mall.

I could not believe my eyes when I saw her in a corner table sitting with one old Indian Man with grey hair. Help me reason this abeg. Not even white man? or Nigerian Old man? Indian. So I approached her and she just started to shout out loud that I have been stalking her, she is done with me. Next thing the Indian man started shouting too that security should throw my friends and myself out and we should be locked up by police.

We left the place in peace. Have written too much already, I thank God he exposed her for me. Just very painful for 3 years lost to nothing.



Credits: Joro Olumofin Instagram.

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