Two suspected ritual killers, disguised as mentally challenged person, were yesterday discovered under the Otokutu Bridge in Ughelli South council area of Delta State.

It was gathered a would-be victim blew the lid on the suspects after managing to escape.

The latest incident came 12 years after police recovered decomposing corpses under the same bridge in 2004 from a gang of ritual killers.

The suspects were reportedly handed over to the Jeremi Police Division.

An eyewitness at the scene of the incident said: “Two men looking lunatic attacked a woman who was gathering sharp sand along the road side on the Otokutu end of the bridge.

“They were struggling with her trying to drag her to their hideout under the bridge. The helpless woman started shouting and alerted passers-by.

“Concerned drivers and passengers began to stop to see what the problem was. That was when it occurred to the public that ritual killers have come to the bridge again.

“The crowd was still beating them when police came and took the suspects away.”

Another witness said:

“Unlike in 2004 when the suspects caught were found with human carcasses of victims killed, no body was found under the bridge.

“But the sight of several school bags belonging to pupils, several clothes and women bags convinced the mob that ritual killers are back in Otokutu Bridge.

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