The entertainment industry fascinates us all. Showbusiness is a massive business. The latest news makes it to the trends. With the world constantly changing, the Internet is the place which keeps you all updated with all the creativities and changes of the world, every second. You name it and you have it. Be it, a random viral video, a movie review, your favorite celebrity’s private life updates to the biggest scandals. The entertainment industry is an open book and what is brewing inside always comes out. Your favorite gossip always finds its way to you through the web.


The first place we go to looking for answers to all our questions under one roof is the search engines. We type our query and get a list of results. For example, if we type, “Latest Entertainment News in Nigeria Today”, the search engine would bring us to a series of results with the top, high-quality websites providing you with all the hot gossip or the latest updates you need. Complex algorithms are used to assess the websites and make them more relevant to your search phrases. Following Is the list of the top search engines on the web: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, Ask, DuckDuckGo, Naver. You are just one click away from all the information in the world.


Another platform flooded with entertainment news updates is social media. Social media is more than just a primitive media platform. Today they are used as a tool by journalists to fetch the recent news content and then reporting it to the audience. There are more than 2.4 billion web users, and about 65% of the news we receive is from social media platforms rather than the traditional media. Journalists are always keeping an eye, day and night, on the social media accounts to fetch all the news they can find about a celebrity or people related to them and then present it to us in the best possible way. The most famous social media websites on the web are Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc. These social media platforms not only provide us with entertainment news but also provide us with a chance for interaction and reviews.


Newspapers are the periodical publications in written form about all the recent affairs happening around the globe. They are the oldest form of media available used to find all the important news. They are becoming a bit outdated because of the improving technology and convenience of finding all the latest information in just a few clicks. Still, you can find a high number of people that prefers a newspaper in the morning than any other form of media. The newspapers provide us with a whole entertainment section and also, entertainment magazines to keep us all up to date. There is all regional, national, and international news covered in the newspapers.

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