If you have ever been denied a visa or looking for a pathway to relocate on a fully Sponsored Job then you should read this.  I strongly believe that getting a visa denial shouldn’t be the end of life and I have found a solution which has helped many immigrants relocate with their family.


In the last ten years, Canada has been the dream country of every immigrant and this has created a fierce competition for new applicants. Though despite this, many people have been making it while some are getting visa denial or ban.

However, there is a reliable way now to legally move to Canada almost for free. You wouldn’t be needing to show the mandatory proof of funds that other pathways require. There is a Sponsored Job Visa to Permanent Resident pathway that anybody can use to immigrate to Canada so far you know how to submit a solid application. 

Moreso, what made this pathway the most reliable right now than ever before is that 5 million Canadians are ready to retire within the next 5 years which means Canada is battling with Massive labor shortage and taking in anyone that’s ready to work so far you can prove that.

If you have been looking to immigrate with your family with a fully Sponsored Job visa, then this might be the best news you’ll ever read or hear today.

I’m  Victor Ola. I’m hosting a free live workshop to show people how to immigrate to Canada with a Fully Sponsored Job together with their family in the shortest time possible.

If you want to apply, take the decision quickly and start your application as soon as you decide because the direction immigration is going cannot be predicted. Everyday comes with new policies.


And what made this pathway the best option for anyone is that it doesn’t require a huge requirement except for a job offer, which I’ll show you in the live workshop.


  •       Doesn’t take time to process
  •       Doesn’t require huge capital or Proof of funds to process.
  •       No Education qualification
  • No Work Experience
  • No travel history needed at all.
  • No IELTS
  • After a 12 months, you can apply for permanent residency through the Canadian Experience Class

This Fully Sponsored Job Visa will work for you if you are between Age 18 and above, you need minimum of WAEC/NECO/ND/NCE/KCSE/Grade 12 or equivalent as minimum requirement, You don’t need WES evaluation or any form of ECA for this Work Visa-Permanent Residence Pathway and you don’t need to know someone in Canada. Join my free live training now by Clicking on this link == > https://canadajobhack.com/

All your questions and concerns about this cheapest pathway will be answered in the live workshop so watch till the end because you’ll get my special gifts and personal whatsapp number. Click on this link to know more == > https://canadajobhack.com/Webtags:  Canada work visa without ielts 2023, Sponsored Job without ielts, canada immigration without ielts 2023, relocate to Canada for free, Move abroad with family, work visa sponsorship, unskilled work visa Canada, Canada work visa without visa agents, Work abroad without experience, Canada visa sponsorship

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