Netizens were shocked to see the Nigerian veteran actor Hanks Anuku on the street waving a Nigerian flag and banner saying “Hunger Dey”.

The actor caught on camera had taken to the streets to protest by himself to protest the current hardship in the country and the deteriorating economic situation which has led to rampant inflation and increased cost of living.

Nigerians who have seen the video were disheartened to see a veteran Nigerian actor protesting over food costs in the streets, remarking on just how bad things have gotten in the country. They wonder what could have led him to this point.

Many are also worried as there have been cases of old Hollywood actors struggling due to property and financial difficulties even though this was the point in their careers they were meant to be relaxing.

There have been concerns over his wellbeing after he was spotted a while back looking and speaking alarmingly.

See some of their comments here;

@ekua_paulla Is he not a citizen??? Protesting is his right leave celebrity life aside ….hunger dey

@45minutesworkNigerians suffering and smiling. He’s being real

@starboy_hairs Y’all acting lik man isn’t standing up cus his a celebrity. But man is standing up for all.

@nohpheesat Hanks? Na this kind protest Nigeria need currently. The one that didn’t start from social media.

@bigisrealwiz Don’t laugh he is actually doing the right thing though…hunger really Dey oh🥲

Watch the video here;

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