Nigerian woman seeks

A Nigeria woman, identified as Chichi Peter, has taken to a Christian Facebook group to seek answers about a strange occurrence in her marriage.

The woman, from Delta state, said her husband claims that his business suffers and he loses customers whenever they have a misunderstanding.

She claims that whenever she is sad, her husband also suffers a setback in his business. Due to this, he was advised not to offend her and to always do right by her.

Nigerian woman seeks
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The perplexed woman stated that she does not understand the reason behind this events and needs plausible answers online.

She wrote,

“Good morning everyone please I need help. My husband said anytime we quarried he will have issues in his business and anytime I am not happy he will lose customers. I don’t know why he even said they told him to not offend me. I am confused. Please no insult.”

See her post and some responses from Facebook users below,

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