A man was nabbed having sex with his maid only moments after his wife put to bed and was in the hospital recovering, a Twitter user tells.

According to the tweep, the man’s wife reportedly went into labour on Thursday, April 14 and gave birth on Friday, April 15, following 27 hours of intense labour.

On Saturday, April 16, the husband left his wife at the hospital, explaining that he had some business to handle.

On the same day, the newborn baby’s godmother, who is also the new mother’s neighbour, was sent to their family’s house to bring some supplies for the new mum.

However, when she got to the house, she discovered the husband was having sex with their housemaid. The godmother took to Twitter to narrate the incident, insisting she caught the husband in the act.

She stated particularly that that she is not into Twitter dramas and so, wouldn’t cook up a story.

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