Embattled Nekede Polytechnic student, Ogechi Sharon who went viral for appreciating God and her p***y has explained that her statement was a slip of the tongue because she was excited.

Sharon had a telephone conversation with Darling 107.3 FM Owerri to explain what she meant and she revealed she was trying to say “Popsy” as in father and not p***y.

In her words;

“To be frank, nothing really happened. That day I was excited, I came out to snap and do video.
It was five years in school without any issues, so I came out and did that video. It can only be God. If you watch the video, I was walking which made me to do that mistake. I wanted to say popsy, P.O.P.S.Y instead.
You know Nigerians and their lifestyle, the took the thing in another way and it started trending My God and my pu**y. It’s bad thing that trends more than good things.
I don’t even know most of my Lecturer name, I just know them facially. There is absolutely nothing connected to me and them. Bring any oracle, I will swear. If they want me to go to Shrine and Swear I will.
There is no lecturer from my Day one to my finals I have business with. I will swear with my Life.
I have never sorted any course before from day one in Poly Nekede to finals. That’s why I said it can only be God. It only God that sees me through. My GP in school is not even high. Even last exam which was CBT, I went there, did ‘timbum timbum’ and submitted.”

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