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“I cannot marry a poor man, I can afford to buy my banana Island mansion twice” – Linda Ikeji tells it all in new interview

Linda Ifeoma Ikeji is the famous blogger Nigerians don’t get tired of talking about. Presently, She is regarded as Nigeria’s Queen of blog and now she is revolutionizing blogging as she recently launched her ultramodern social media, Linda Ikeji Social.

In this interview with Ifeoma Ononye, she speaks on why people believe she took money from Dasuki, her real age and top three qualities her would-be-husband must possess.


Can you tell us about Linda Ikeji Social (LIS)?
The unique platform Linda Ikeji Social represents a revolutionary innovation in not just news reporting but also in facilitating social interaction. LIS creates a virtual meeting place that combines the dissemination of news as well as enabling social connection and interaction.

LIS came up as a result of feedback from the blog that people need a platform where they can not only get breaking news, but express their positions on issues as it affects their world. They can also interact and connect with friends as well as get all other important information about products and services around the world. LIS is like online blog and facebook rolled into one.

News sharing is tied to what we do every day on social media. We all have a responsibility to share things we witness that we feel could bring about change in society.

It’s a platform where you can land the home page from anywhere you are navigating from, view notification and messages and also you can submit your story and get paid, as well as make money while networking. I encourage people to sign up on the platform. I dream of being the Oprah Winfrey of Africa.

How has the journey been so far, from when you were hustling for modeling jobs to becoming a social media mogul?
The journey has been amazing. I didn’t expect to be here today. When I started hustling back then for modeling jobs, the first thing I came across back then was blogging before Facebook, Twitter, Instagram became known and popular. To be honest, when I started my blogging in November 26, 2006, the last thing in my mind was that it is going to change my life as much as it has. It was just a place for me to be creative because I love to write. I didn’t think that five years from then that all these would happen. I didn’t envision that I was going to come this far. It has been an amazing journey and definitely something that I am grateful for. Everyone is on social media but not everyone can say that it has changed their lives so much. I am grateful to God for how far I have come with his help.

Back then, blogging was not that popular, what exactly attracted you to it?
At first, I didn’t know there was anything called blogging. I never heard of it back then. At the time I was a model and kind of people knew me. I was a little popular in my own way. So Bellanaija wrote about me and my friend in United Kingdom sent me the link to the story. So I went to read the story online and that was my first encounter with blogging. Before then, the only thing I do online was just to check my email and that was it. I read the comment and it was a beautiful experience for me. I went back to Bellanaija the next day to read other stories. I was going to Bella’s blog for four months and I discovered other blogs. I enjoyed the whole experience because I loved to write. That has always been my passion. While growing up I wanted to be a journalist. Then one day I told myself that I can as well start mine since I liked the blogs so much. It took three minutes to start a blog and that was how I started blogging.

Some may want to know at what point that Linda Ikeji blog started paying off?
When you are passionate about something, you put your all in it and that was what I did. I started blogging consistently and passionately until 2010. It never occurred to me that I have built a lot of followership in that time and brands were watching. By the end of 2010, I had thousands of people following me and I never knew it would translate to money. The first time a company approached me to pay to post something, I found it very strange. I didn’t know that people like Bellanaija and Sahara reporters were charging. I had to ask a friend to send me an advert rate. It was in January 2011 that I had my own advert rate and I started sending it out to people. By February, people started paying me and since then, it’s been great.

Between the time you started and when you started getting paid, was there a time you wanted to give up?
Yes there were many times, I wanted to give up. I had bad times back then but the worst was in September 19, 2010. It was my 30th birthday. I was broke, I was angry because I have been done doing modeling in a long time. I was still struggling, I was still borrowing money, I was depressed because I felt like a failure. I will cry and cry but will still open my laptop and blog. I didn’t know that my breakthrough was at the corner and that God was leading me to it. After my 30th birthday, my life practically changed.

You have blogged a lot of news; positive, negative and controversial especially about artistes. For example Wizkid, what is your relationship with them?

I don’t want to talk about Wizkid. I have a cordial relationship with a lot of entertainers. I have had run-ins with a few of them but in recent times, I haven’t. It was when I was a bit carefree and careless with the stories I write. In a year now, I have not had any big issue with anybody.

How do you handle it when they threaten to sue you?
The only person I have threatened was wizkid. Their threat does not scare me because I believe I do more good for them than bad. And they acknowledge that. Some of them are my friends. Some of them have been to my house, some of them are on my WhatsApp chat. The negativity that comes with blogging is fine. I mean, it’s blogging, you write about people. Some people may take offense; some will react in different ways. I have been doing this for ten years and if by now I am not used to back lash, then I should get out of the business.

If you are asked what you make in a year, what will you say?
I cannot tell you what I make in a year.

Many are speculating that Linda is the richest blogger in Nigeria, how true is that?
About being the richest blogger in Nigeria, I will probably agree. Why I agree is because I talk with a lot of clients and advert agencies and they say that when they bring out an online plan for advertisers, 98% of them choose me. That means 98% of people who advertise online, advertise on my blog. They choose me and others. So I think in all honesty and modesty, I make more money than most. Not more than Punch and Vanguard but regular blogs.

In terms of your news reporting, what lessons have you learnt from your blogging experience?
It has thought me to be careful because as much as you think that you know, there are people who have in-depth knowledge of the story. Sometimes I put up a story and I read comments, from the comments, I go back to make some corrections because there are people who experienced it firsthand. I have also learnt that is important to verify your stories because basically if people rely on your site for information and you mess up a few times, they will not trust your news anymore and they go to other credible sites. And when they go, your advertisers go.

From the feedback you get, do you feel loved or hate?
It is a combination of both. I try as much as possible to hold onto the love and don’t pay attention to the hate. I have grown a thick skin to when people say vile things about me. I just laugh over it because they don’t know me. I mean if Wizkid and Olamide are tongue lashing me because of the story I wrote about them, I can understand that but if I have never written about you and you say vile things about me, I take it that the hate is coming from somewhere that is not my fault. Maybe you are angry about your situation or I remind you of something that you wish you had but you didn’t. I have been there. I have been in a situation where I was angry at people that are successful. I understand that success comes with a lot of hate. I pay more attention to people that say I inspire them.

Have you lost any valuable friendship because of what you do?
No, not really.

What about the time people said that you took money from Dasuki?
I didn’t make a big deal out of the Dasuki issue because it was overwhelming. A friend called me and told me to calm down. I mean, I bought a house on Banana Island for half a billion; people cannot wrap their mind around it. So they will assume you got it from somewhere else. Up until the news broke about Dasuki, I have never heard of him. I never dealt with anyone. I never collected money from anyone. The money I collected was PDP and APC for adverts. It was a few millions. I know that I am not guilty of anything, if not EFCC would have put me in their custody. So when I hear such stories, I can understand where they are coming from. They don’t understand how online blog can give me such money but those who deal online will tell you that I can afford to buy that house twice.

When you get married, what will happen to that house in Banana Island?
I will move to the man’s house. As long it is not a three bedroom flat in lekki. My parents will be there.

You are transforming from a blogger into a full media owner, don’t you think you are taking on quite too much, why not take it a little bit at a time?
I have been a blogger for ten years, I am bored, I want to do something else. I am 36, this is the time I have the energy and passion to run this. I delegate, I have staff now. I have over 30 people that work here so they are the ones running all of these. I don’t limit myself at all. I believe there is absolutely nothing I cannot do. I get like six hours a day. I sleep five hours in the night.

People believe you don’t write negative stories about your friends?
That is not true. If I write negative stories about people, I won’t be here talking. I will be hiding somewhere because I get a lot of stories. I would rather they take a picture with me when they see me than threaten me. I make money from writing positive stories so why should I concentrate on negative stories.

You released a video on your birthday talking about some personal stuff, what influenced that?
It’s now that I want to marry. I didn’t want to marry earlier. I just got emotional a bit and it was my birthday and I just wanted to get things off my chest. It was my birthday as I wished I was married.

But do you get proposals? Back then and now, how are the proposals coming?
I have always had proposals. People say when a woman is successful, men run away, it’s a lie. That is when they chase you the more but unfortunately, I have not seen what I am looking for. Men are not scarce. It is the type of men that I am looking for that is scarce. I want a man that I can look up to. I want someone that inspires me. I want a man that will push me to achieve more. I want someone who has achieved some success in his own career. Someone I can learn from. I am inspired by successful people. I can’t wait to meet someone like Tyler Perry.

So you cannot marry a poor guy?
No I cannot marry a poor man. He does not have to be overly rich but he must be successful in his own career. When I was 30, my standards were very high. I was so focused on work. I have been so ambitious. I was not focused on marriage and kids because I know that would draw me back. It is just recently that I told myself that ‘Linda, you are 36, four years to 40. What are you doing?’ At 30, I had a long list of how I want my would-be-husband to be. When I turned 35, I reviewed the list and not, there are only three options on the list. My top three: A good man; successful and a man that will not stifle me or stop me from what I am doing presently, because I cannot be stifled. A man that is carrying and sexy. He also must be good in the bedroom.

What about the part where people say that you are 46 and not 36 years old? Why do you feel comfortable to talk about your age unlike many women?
It is very simple to tell anyone’s age. I mean, once you tell me the year you finished secondary school, I can tell your age. I finished secondary school in 1997 from Lagos Anglican Girls Grammar school. I was 16 going on 17. If I am 46 then I finished secondary school in the 80’s. The following year 1998, I entered university of Lagos.

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  1. is nt yuh fualt is d fult of d person who born u nonsense girl

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    lol , meanwhile keep enjoying your cucumber

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    Den marry ur banana island,haven’t u seen ladies hu made their husbands wat dey r today

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  10. Faith Aliu says:

    Is anybody forcing to marry a poor man? I don’t no why people see a man who don’t have money as being poor, mean why out there,there are millions of ur so called rich guys who are actually poor. The bible says what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his precious soul in hell. If you are rich on earth and not sure of making heaven then my rich guy u are poor, but if you are poor on earth and you are sure of making heaven then my poor guy you are very rich. So madam Linda and the rest please leave them alone.

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  12. Emeka Jonah says:

    Disturbing and foolish post.

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      dont mind them my dear…the lady knows what she wants in a man,,not someone who will just come from no were and reap were he did not sow

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      Dat u dey end up as kitchen equipment, & furniture for d bedroom & other room!!!!!!! … Women!!! Develop urself!!!.. Wen 2 great markers come together!!.. Dey dominant d market!!!!!!

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    • On point dear

    • @ Mercy Omoye Maxwell,don’t misquote me pls, read through my comments properly… I said “what if she isn’t destined to marry a man that isn’t as rich as her” that’s what i meant..what if the will of God for her is an averagely comfortable man?will she decline? or haven’t u heard the word,the”will of God” His will could come in a very discouraging package & it will only take a spirit filled fella to recognize & obey…but it’s a different case if she doesn’t have a relationship with the one with the “WILL” or probably she’s decided to be adamant& stay married for the rest of her life to her so-called wealth…”vanity upon vanity,ALL is vanity”pls get my point!

    • Remember marriage is not achievement ohh be wear so you won’t rush in and rush out.

    • Mtchewww

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      At her age , you think if I become so rich I will think of that old cargo ?? There are pretty sexy young ladies out there that I will put smile on their faces, trip around the world and enjoy my life peacefully. Then age with her, she better open her eyes now because she is not the only rich Nigerian Woman . There are lots of women making millions in hard currency daily and still married to their husbands and maintain their family. So Linda just shut the fork up and be sorry for your ass cause u are out dated old cargo trying to cut her age to look young but men are smart and can see your age when they look at you.
      Just be praying a man even boarders to think of you rather than blabbing your mouth her and there.

    • Mercy Mwangi says:

      Guys let the lady be that is her choice n life, that’s what she want n u can’t change it so work hard too …feelings n bitterness for no reason!

    • Guys make una go hit una head for wall go and work hard so u will measure to her standard where were you when she was building from the scratch nonsense

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  20. Bernard Ousk says:

    How does your plantain island matters to me?

  21. Chima Justin says:

    i trust you big lady

  22. After all she’s not the richest woman in Africa even the richest woman didn’t proud like this at 36 good year’s you haven’t married yet and you continue bragging I think her parents need a lot of work to do

    • Who told you she 36??? She’s above 45!

    • Mary Chima says:

      And so? age is just a number

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    • jealous go kill u hustle hard is marriage a must??

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    • Because women easily get old more than men do if that you want to hear

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    • I believ evrythin but that zip up no, she knows who zip her up and down among hansome nigeria guys.

    • Old age will tell when she over due she’s bragging now she will be the one to beg to prefer any man that come her way time will tell thought I don’t know her I haven’t see her before but am just concern because it’s everybody prayer to have a happy home and happy family having money in life I s not enough than to get married and give birth to children that you can call your own she doesn’t need it at her age to still be bragging to any man money is not enough money is not everything

    • Mercy you have said it all. They don’t want to allow this woman to rest for crying out loud

    • Na jealousy dey worry u!!!!

    • Any man dat comes her way!!!!.. Like y ba!!!! ?????????????

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    • So @mercy, are u telling me that she is a virgin not aving a boy/man friend. High class man!!!!

    • Hadebayor King Mhussodhiqq I don’t want to even marry lest Dan 27..except God brings my man b4 den!!! Den it’s not a problem Cox I can still achieve wat I want to achieve in life.. Cox am never marrying a man who has no respect for his wife, but only sees her as, sex machine, baby production factory, servant!!!!!!.. My husband is my partner & we re totally 1in Christ Jesus!!!!!!!!!! He’s not better Dan me!!! We re 1.. & 1 family

    • “Only broke women get old on time” ? Mercy Omoye Maxwell u such a funny lady. As much as u have a point on her choice of a man, u missing it. Someone said marriage is not the climax of achievement in a woman’s life. Really? ? OK let me ask: Linda has money, fame and all in astronomic level. What else do u think she needs now? To own a nation? If marriage isn’t on her list, why does she talk about a man anyway? She should just bloody be a Nun! U are not yet “responsible” at such a prime age if u not under a man! Shikena!

    • Hakeem Asapetu, I don’t know of she’s a virgin!!! But I have seen beautiful, social girls who got married as virgins @ age above 30…..but some girls have made d mistake & have vowed to keep Derself!!!!!… So u don’t define people by Der dress, occupation, tribe, or d character dey showcase in public!!!!

    • Being broke can accentuate ageing do is stress. However, the body metabolism works independent of ur wealth. It will still show!

    • If u like by cassava island 20times mk u no marry it’s ur life not mine nor ours.

    • Okoro Moses says:

      I think is good when a lady is smart good looking n educated but this is africa without a man she is not complete ok 36 is a number let’s see if her money will buy menopause off her

    • Sheila Sober says:

      Hadebayor King Mhussodhiqq what’s the difference?

    • Jealousy ???????????????

    • U all shouldn’t work hard to become successful oh!!!!… Keep waiting for d woman dat will marry u poor, I just sorry for ur children!!! ?

    • Best comment

    • Mercy omoye u dnt just get d gist, na xo xo jealousy u dey shout. Jimoh has said it all, ure talking as if marriage isn’t important

    • Mercy Omoye Maxwell ur renditions are below expectation, honestly. Who talked about waiting for a lady that will marry a dude, poor? Totally off course! Is it a lady that marries a man in this our cultural society? Some of us may not be stupendously rich but we thank God for being comfortable with a decent partner. Dunno who is jealous of Linda or u ooo. Please wait till ur 3rd decade before talking about marriage. I guess u r still quite young and u owe no value to marriage. Ask the likes of Aunty Joke Silva and Omotola Jalade what success really is. I wish u well.

    • Mercy Omoye Maxwell you the only girl that have been commenting like someone who needs rehab, read all the rubbish u are typing, well, I don’t blame you, when you get towards 36, don’t marry, some infants just be typing rubbish!

    • John Chukwujekwu Uche thanks n God bless u for that comment

    • Am shocked that we still have matured men who talk like kids she has stated what she wants make una go kill una self

    • Does 1cs dat say dey not like rich men!!!… Dey hate u!!!!!….. If it’s not paining u.. Leave her alone oh!!!!!!!

    • She’s not interested in broke lazy guys!!!!!!

    • Can u people learn how to respect people’s decisions for Der OWN LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!… make urs, & work hard to make it come to pass instead of coming on social media & oppose people’s decisions!!!!!….. Dis lady u all re instilling u can even talk if u meet her in person ???????????????????????????chai????????????????

    • Every woman should work hard & be successful…. & every man should work hard & be successful… Simple no reasonable person wants to be broke, especially to d people u love!!!!!

    • Lazy men

  23. Why are you making noise about it? ain’t u ashamed of urself by bragging on social media on the type of man u want. Who’s forcing you or u want to get more popular or u want nigerians to start singing a song of marrying rich man. until u enter menopause dats wen u will know that money won’t give u all the joy u want its just for time bn, get that into ur empty skull old lady

  24. Whats wrong with dis linda,she thinks everything is about money fa,pple like her usuall end up marrying the wrong man

  25. we criticize or praise people bcos we don’t know them in person… let’s assume she has helped you, you, you and you before… what will be your comment

    • Well, if she had helped me before, I will advice her like my sister to lower her pride and marry for love and not money since she has got money already. She can be happily married to an average man who does not have twice of her money but is OK and provide for basic things for his family. Not all men out there are gold diggers, ur attitude to ur spouse will determine how u will be treated. Just let her humble herself and the best man will come her way, be it a wealthy one or an average man

  26. Ayomi Ademi says:

    Then why not die for ur papa house then wen u know dat u only after the money not the love&care Itcheeeew

  27. Ma Ri An says:

    My dear u ll grow grey hair waiting for a man wif only money
    By d time u reach 40 n u Neva marry I promise u, u ll be desperate for plantain seller

  28. Basket mouth,u think dat money is everything,dnt allow d wicked ones to use u for ritual

  29. No worry u go see d one to scam u

  30. If i were u…..i wil jst zero my mind off marriage, is no big deal u knw, chop ur money wella, enjoy ur life wit ur family/ frnds, rock ur mansion & fuck ursef….vry simple!

  31. Cypher Jay says:

    Until then,keep licking d banana in ur island

  32. U most be a joker,by the time u turn 40yrs nd both rich nd de poor cease frm coming 2 u there u will realise ur mistake beside de money u are havin is frm God nd u didnt knw wat wil happen in future

  33. O girl ur brain dull o

  34. ,than u will remain single all ur life bitch, because bni poor is not a disease and bni rich is God doing nt by any humans doing

  35. This woman, you are too noisy faa. The whole world is waiting to see your man.

  36. I like independent women but there is always a problem with wealthy or successful African women. I have discovered that wealth/success doesn’t go together with African women. Majority of wealthy/successful African women can’t handle wealth and success because it gets into their heads and makes them to become disrespectful and arrogant. In Nigeria, 80% of men are bread winners in their respective families but you hardly see Nigerian men coming out to ridicule their jobless or low income earning wives but in most Nigerian homes where women are bread winners, the whole village, town or streets will hear about it because those women will be ringing it like a bell. Such successful and wealthy women are fond of looking down on their husbands, going to public places like hair salon to tell people how they are shouldering the family problems alone but you won’t hear many men complaining about taking care of their familes alone. When some men avoid wealthy or successful women, it doesn’t mean that such men are intimidated by the wealth and success of those women, they are only doing that to respect themselves and to maintain their honour. I can’t take bullsh*t from any woman just because she is rich or successful. If I have a wealthy girlfriend or wife who treats me like shit, I will calmly walk away, it doesn’t mean that I’m intimidated by her wealth and success.

    • Where is is written dat only men such succeed /be more successful Dan men!!!!!!??

    • Have u seen d way some Africa rich men treat Der wives!!!.. Especially if dey re not established!!!!!

    • Mercy Omoye Maxwell, I never said that success is meant for only men, read my comment again sis. Most rich men treats their wives better even if their wives are not making monies or aiding in the family finances and you won’t hear them coming out to brag about it publicly but most women who are bread winners in their families are fond of coming out in public to let everyone to know that they are the ones providing for their families.

    • Let ’em hear. Tell ’em one more time!

    • Yes plz Tony, tell them

    • Nice one

    • I concur with u

    • U are right

    • You are right, let Linda keep waiting for rich single man, till clock will tick over her

    • I sense a bitch in ds Mercy gal.If u dnt want t learn u ma end up worse

    • Tony Nnaemeka Okoro I luv you so much 4 this write-up, blessed hath thou.

    • On point

    • Well spoken.

    • Not all women

    • Okedeji Paul says:

      I am with you

    • Justina Ndukwe, of course not all women but majority of wealthy and successful African women are very disrespectful and arrogant.

    • Tony Nnaemeka Okoro, how many women have u met I ur life dat u define all women by few characters displayed by women, as if is with some women so it is with some men!!!!!…. In just my estate I have seen rich men I respect so much but I was disappointed wen I saw dem display!!!!!!…… My neighbor it a product of it, he abuses his wife,reminds her how he picked her from nowhere!!!!!!……. Has a husband u should always pray & support ur wife to be very successful in life Cox she represents u!!!.. So as wives too!!!!…..

    • Bosah Mgbakor u calling some1 a BITCH.. I decided to to respond to it Cox am not a bitch… Tnx

    • Tony Nnaemeka Okoro Der is not like having a wife who is industrious, hardwork, intelligent, bold, confident, God fearing,….. & a wife having a husband like dat…..dey partner together, support each other, Dey will rule Kingdom,… & non of dem will ever feel broke!!!!!

    • Tony Nnaemeka Okoro wen d responsibility of a home is placed on 1 person, it reduces d growth of d home!!!!!!!

    • Mercy Omoye Maxwell, go back to my comment again sis. I didn’t say that there are no men who looks down on their wives, I said that such men are not too many when you compare it to the percentage of women who looks down on their husbands just because they are more successful and weathier than their husbands. Peace.

    • Seriously mercy… You really need to read and understand pls

    • I don’t know Linda b4,…but she sure has re response for her decisions, she not a baby, she educated, successful, hardworking,…. Do u know if she has given a broke guy her heart b4 & It’s was far broken to pieces!!!!…. Dey re some guys dat re broke & heartless!!!!!!… Dey feel ur taken care of dem bcs u want dem to marry u!……1 of my aunt is a kind of person dat believes in growth… So even if she meet a guy broke, as long as she loves d person she will date d guy & try to make dat guy grow!!!!… But dey always use her head, d last 1 she dated b4 she meet her husband, collect… 5m telling her he wants to start up gud establishment!!!.. With prove & everything, unknown to her dat he’s traveling out to meet his wife to be!!!!!!!!!….

    • A man should try his best not to be poor, many girls just want to see ur determined to succeed in life & u love dem not bcs ur broke to date d real girl u want, but u will always love dem broke or not, dem u will see wat a real woman can do to support u!!!!!

    • If u succeed it to ur GLORY, ur woman will only benefit from u!!!!….if a woman is successful Is to her glory too, her man will only benefit from it!!

    • Mercy Omoye Maxwell, I’m sorry about the sad experiences of your aunt in her past relationships but her case is quite different from Linda’s case. Your aunt was scammed with love but Linda is disrespectful and fond of bragging and ridiculing people just because she feels that she is successful. If someone is poor, it doesn’t mean that he or she didn’t try his or her best. Some people are not just lucky no matter how hardworking they are. Nigerian men are the most hardworking in Africa or even in the whole world, it’s ridiculous to assume that people are poor because they didn’t work hard. Linda might be successful and rich now but she is arrogant. She should bear in mind that some women have already built mansions in Banana Island and are worth more than her total networth even before she thought about buying land in Banana Island and building her mansion there. If you make it before others, please stay humble and bear in mind that you succeeded not because you are more hardworking than others.

    • No!!!!!.. Linda may have gone throw her own experience!!!!!

    • I have heard so many stories dat made me cry, but I can’t start sayn it her Cox.. U go read tiyr ??????…

    • Do u know dat many guys can’t date a broke girls ?????????

    • My friend meet a guy, he were friends for a week, she talk him she not from a rich family & she’s selling phone accessories on roadside on d floor early morning business…. ?????Omo guy move!!!!!! ????????he told her dat she’s not her standard ?????& dat wat will his friends & parents think of him if he told dem dat dis is my girlfriend!!!…. She think of her life dat day?????????????????????????????????so if she now bcs successful tomorrow & now say no broke needed in my life…. People will start talking ???????????

    • Tony Nnaemeka Okoro u saying women has d highest percentage is wrong to me.. Dats wat am saying

    • Really… “Everybody can not be rich!!!”.. Says who!!!!!! Everybody can be rich, we all have different time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!God has deposited in every human being all d requirements we need to prosper!!!! Genesis 1:26-31,Deuteronomy 7:12-15,Deuteronomy 11:1-32,Jude 1:20(use different translations for better study) ..dont be happy, comfortable wen people call u poor.. !!!!!.. It’s not humility.. It’s ignorance!!!!! ! Don’t take it even as a joke!!! Reject it!!!!! No matter ur situation!!!!! Don’t let ur situation define u!!!!!! Wen someone call u poor say to dem joyfully “I may not be rich now, but I’ll be very soon” & do all it takes to make sure it happens!! PHYSICALLY by following D LORD’S PRINCIPLES for PROSPERITY, be hardworking, faithful, patient …. Do not define ur journey by other people’s negative experience in life,.. Focus on wat God as said concerning u in his words!!!!! everything has time & seasons, even d moon, sun, stars, rain do!!! Genesis 1:14-16….Remember d same water dat destroyed d evil people was d same water dat sustained Noah & his family !!!!!!

    • Mercy Omoye Maxwell, you are getting this argument wrong sis. My argument is about wealthy and successful women who goes about telling people that they are the bread winners in their marriages or relationships so as to humiliate their husbands or boyfriends. The argument you are raising now goes two ways. Haven’t you seen women who left their boyfriends after the guys might have invested so much in improving those ladies lives?.

    • Yea… I agree with u on dat, dats y I said it’s in both gender…. Watever u do for some1 u love should be between u both…. Der weakness should be kept as ur secret & not as a weapon against dem & u should be each other’s strength in ur areas in weakness….. But am saying.. Saying women do d announcement d most is wrong, coz some don’t broadcast it in public, but frustrate d person with it in private…..

    • Hmmm u are ryt Tony Nnaemeka Okoro but it seems ur comment doesn’t go down well with Mercy Omoye Maxwell n I don’t know y she doesn’t want to understand. May b she is among the few women who support this Linda girl who thinks life is all Abt riches

    • I support success for myself & my husband!!!

    • Am not against wat Tony Nnaemeka Okoro said, am only again saying it’s in both gender….. No gender is higher

  37. Linda ikeji pls marry ur banana mansion twice, and give ur banana mansion imaginary kids, let’s see road… It’s when u realise that u don’t have a child at 40, you go understand…. By the time I’m that age my daughter would be 19, and I’m so proud of it,thats something to brag about, not money and material things that God gave to you that he alone can take away whenever he wants and their nothing you can do about it… All you do is brag and brag and show off this and that… Can’t you be a role model to the younger generation, can’t you be a mother, can’t you make impacts in the lives of people…. What is it sev ahn ahn, I’m not talking out of jealousy… I hate people who boast, it’s very annoying

  38. Robbie Hood says:

    Tell your aunty we have heard oooo.. So till now she has not seen any rich man? Untop the many big bosses there in her banana island, even monkey sef she no see? Some folks will now paint greed & call it standard class bullsh*t! It’s OK oo let her be saying she hasn’t seen her choice dia, until she will have no Choice again! How much she think say she get sef wey she no wan let us hear word at her injury time age!!! Abeg e! We go see the rich man soon nao! She thinks money is everything when it comes to marriage! I guess she has forgotten a woman is like a flower that will fade out someday & everyone will put their attention on the new flowers coming up in the garden! I sorry sorry sorry o *in fela’s voice* God help her sha! Quite a hardworking lady I must commend her for that!

  39. Aunty Linda shey na until u discover mungo park b4 shut d fuck up !

  40. Mhizta Saha says:

    And what if those rich men out there don’t have a taste in you Miss Ikeji? I guess you get to fuck yourself till old age then… #yougowaittire #mugu #oshisko

  41. Forms are still going on, “WHO WANT TO MARRY A RICH MAN”.. Special guest of honour are: E-money, Adenuga, Emeka Offor, orji uzo kalu, and.. Apply in person

  42. Hnmm…u cant marry poor man…dats very bad of u…wat if u marry rich man and u did nt hv rest of mind..

  43. Aunty better dey prey make GOD no read dis ur comment, becus u fit go back to poor woman, instead Mary poor make u make d poor rich,just as GOD make u rich.

  44. When will this girl swallow her pride?

  45. Marring a poor man is not d problem, but Wat abt if a very rich man appears to day, n give u all u desire in a man. Den after everything u realize that is very poor or reader is a gost, by den no need to hide cus all social media might Hv taken d news world wide…. D headline will be like. “Linda of all people marries a very wealthy n handsome man dat later become a gost..i Jst de laugh sha, because yabaleft go to broadcast u for one yr.

  46. Chika Peace says:

    U should be in ur husband’s house by now having ur own kids just as ur mom had u, shameless woman

  47. Person dey follow u drag ur wealth abi na another thing??

  48. Smart Zarmo says:

    Go to CNN, BBC and advertise yourself oo. Despite ur advertisement none of the rich guy has show up. Maybe u got to get marry to ur mansion n ur cash. No one cares.

  49. Eno Kenneth says:

    U can as well buy a man of ur choice

  50. Hey how much have you and got no man behind or beside you yet you are bragging…go put your face for shit

  51. OK na …..if u can buy your banana island itself….u will as well pay ur bride price….to make things easy for u

  52. y is it dat wen people talk about Der success.. E dey pain!!!!!!! Una…

  53. Jansen Awa says:

    do you know ,a rich African man will rather marry a submissive stunning beauty than a not so pretty successive woman.

  54. Who cares

  55. An indirect way of announcing your desperation and availability. How useful is your choice of Man to anyone?

  56. Ceo Chiebuka says:

    Whether you live on the mainland or island oooo…
    My dear Na naija we dey…

  57. Banana IsIand or cucumber IsIand all join together ” marry oo before u start looking man na man @age of 40

  58. Why is some people like taking paracetamol for another person’s headache. Thaz her own life style.U don’t need to insult or abused her Base on what she wishes herself. My Dear, believe it shall come to pass as U wished! Thanks!

  59. Yes you have money but you will remain lonely if you don’t marry and have children.

  60. You will old for junction

  61. I won’t be suprised seeing her lying down at a church convention crying for a husband, telling God to kill every witch that’s holding her marriage back, when she’s da witch

  62. Y haven’t u found a rich man ever since ur twentys n til nw u chose not to grow up n kn d different btw riches n marriage,my dia wen it cms to marriage men kns d typ of women dy want n dy don’t care abt ur wealth,that’s y u c ladies u tin u r better than d men leaving u for them. Go n think abt how to handle ur rlatnshp n ask God to bring u a man that isn’t coming for ur wealth but love. C as far as am concern money x never enof u c rich men stl going out to mk more money,there is a possibility that d so wished rich man may stl b cmn for ur wealth to add to his own or even to mk d name of being ur huby n goes out wt some gals outside marriage. My dear u don’t need to announce it to d media but to God, he x d only one who can give u d type of man that suites u if only u wud put whatever tin u tnk u v acquired n tell him may his will b done,that’s wen he will kn that this lady x ready for married. I rest my case….

  63. My dear who marriage help? My dear don’t try it because it won’t last, nothing is as bad as a man who is soo dependent on a woman, even shaving stick he can’t buy talk more of feeding the family mbok you will get tired and irritated. Better adopt and still single

  64. Harry Ogbu says:

    I dunno why u ppl are slaying her.. Its her life, her choices.

    Whether u agree or not, every lady has a preference on who they r to marry.. Some ladies will never a dwarf, some won’t marry a man from a particular ethnic group. Saying she won’t marry a poor man is her choice, just like some ladies will detest a dwarf or deaf man..

    All Choices..
    Leave he be jare..

  65. Yabaleft u people re lying against this Lady

  66. Then she should keep fucking around

  67. Racheal Ali says:

    You be mumu.

  68. Poor man done suffer for this country

  69. Taiye Azeez says:

    #linda ur mummy born u with money abi did u carry ur money go heaven God catch u with that time is going for u u better get married in time let me told u some thing if u can’t marry poor u never get true love i swear hahaha

  70. Bigfish

  71. Omolomo

  72. Tony Pascal says:

    And Who cares??

  73. Frank Anny says:

    Miss independent


  75. This woman stop disturbing us!! When my grand mum and mother got married they didn’t flood my timeline with news!! Habaa

  76. Go Linda!!! no time abeg

  77. I have no problem with you having a taste for rich men but where i have the problem with you is you resounding it at the slightest of time.I have seen women help their man to stardom.

  78. My dear itz your life.. Live it the way u want. Itz your money, spend it the way u like. If the kind of man ur looking for will make u Happy.. I Pray God to give him to you. U know what is good for u.. So go for it. Haterz must hate.. People must talk weda good or bad. Do whatever makes you happy.. ND enjoy your life cuz u worked hard to be where you are. CHEERS.

  79. Av heard dis a thousand times,,pls Linda say something new,,u re becoming too boring…

  80. Is a free world, after all marriage is not for everybody. Some people choose to stay single for the rest of their life is all about choice.

  81. Ostal Bigboy says:

    Stupid may D Almighty God punish u idiot prostitute

  82. Louis Nya says:

    My girl U go tey 4 dat ur “banana Island mansion” if u no calm down. No do wetin u go declare bonus wit ya plenty moni 4 ya blog looking 4 any man.

  83. Madam forget, all na 6feets

  84. Tina Jacob says:

    Abeg marry ur money at 37 u still dey find rich man, y u no do am wen u dey 25 u go dey dere old, dey wait for rich man

  85. Linda Onuoha says:

    Then marry ur money and leave Niger man alone. They no even need you.

  86. Well it wasn’t your fault okay. Sit down there till Jesus come

  87. Peter Sunday says:

    Hmm, when u open ur eyes and see that u are 45yrs, na TB Joshua front you go find ya sef for prayers o.

  88. That was y Wizkid blasted her d last tym they got an Issue… Tho,it none of my business,yhu made yr money by yrsf, so,she also choose d kind of man she wants… I wonder if he’s in Nigeria self

  89. Wetin concern me…….

  90. Dan Kunle says:

    God will grant you your heart.

  91. have u change ur mind again hmm not Rich man

  92. Bitch

  93. What would a rich guy offer you that you don’t have already?

  94. My dear poor man no even fit look u for face talk more of marrying

  95. Pls what is d meaning of poverty if I may ask

  96. Yes you can buy your banana Island mansion twice, and there are men out there who can buy your mansions, destroy it and turn it into a parking lot…
    They don’t say things like they won’t marry a poor woman….
    All the girls supporting her, you all gonna blame a man who will say this and insult him… But you are cool with this…
    Linda pls get married to your money… Buy all your mansions and turn their kitchens into rooms cos they will be useless….

  97. Endy Kash says:

    It’s not only the men who have the right or capacity to chose the kind of woman they want for a wife, ladies also got the right. I think she has made it abundantly clear the kind of man she wants for a husband, so on no account should anyone look at it as pride.

  98. Menopause is calling……

  99. Let her remain, na mama baby or baby mama go soon catch up with her, a to gbon……

  100. Beautiful and blessed Linda…u my role model…coming up to be like you and even better..God bless you and increase you miss

  101. Ifeoma Deji says:

    She is so unreal nd foolish.

  102. This girl is just blabbing and frustrated from lack of men wanting to marry her…
    You can’t tell me she hasn’t met a man wealthier than her…. Thats a big lie…
    She can’t keep a man….simple…

  103. Keep searching for d rich guy girl and stop d noise

  104. My dear sister if you are refusing to marry the man God sent to you is it when you have reach 50 you will now start disturbing God for a God fearing man my sister Check your self. I just want to make common sense.

  105. Fork you. What kind of pussy do you have? Gold, fork you again

  106. My dear go and marry the newly elected president of America if you can allow people rest for you.

  107. Dan Osarobo says:

    Na punishment wen dem give u for ur bloodmoney cult be dat? make u nor marry person wen nor get up to five hundred million (#500 000 000), na bad punishment be dat ooo,but please stop disturbing us with ur punishment everyday…….

  108. A cow gives milk to the whole village but it doesn’t make noise. But when a hen lays just one egg that can’t even feed one child it crows and make noise to the whole village to know that it has laid an egg. We’re all happy for you as a strong woman. But You’re not the richest woman in the world enough of your advertisement.

  109. Few days a go was jenny nnaji,now is Linda,wen a woman feels that she has all that money can buy, she sees marriage as nothing, please u people should marry ur wealthy, an stop insulting ur selves

  110. who is begging you to marry ?

  111. Eddie Paul says:

    Is not good for a woman to be too rich because she ll look down on men and it affect there Marrital life

  112. Every thing ends in six feet both rich and poor why all these cry about rich or poor. Pls madam seek more of God for your soul that will never die.

  113. Thank you my own sister. No mind them. They know no say CUCUMBER can serve as husband.

  114. Kip looking for the rich man you desire!

  115. Banana island mansion all will end here on earth. Heaven n hell is our last box stop. Repent from that old time mentality.

  116. No need to b talking bout Linda ikeji…..
    She claimed she can buy any man but she can’t get one for herself…. She thought money is everything…if it’s not paining or disturbing her,,, y would she b talking bout it…
    I know u got money MA dear but to me all this virtuous women dat brought themselves down n b submissive to their men,, those ladies dat hv sacrificed n still ready to sacrifice more to see their marriages work n build sweet homes with their men n kids by their side are more #RICHER THAN U cos it’s one of the things ur money can’t buy…
    Since u can’t bend down n b submissive to a man,, keep suffering n roasting from frustration

  117. Is this women desperate for a husband? Pls let her rest

  118. What is all ds noise abt?Are you the richest woman in Africa?Allow us to breathe pls.

  119. O meh Linda ikeji how many times you want to advertis yourself for marriage. You said it the first time that you can’t marry a poor man, we don hear, the second time you did and the third time. I thought you said you could buy any man up till now I never see am man wey you don buy ooo. Your just indirectly telling us you really need a man in your life. # I thought you have the power to do that. These are the kind of people who go to their room lock there’self up, stuck there face to the pillow and cry begging GOD for a man to ask there hand in marriage, yet they come out and brag outside. I pray to GOD you see a man oooo

  120. I smile when i read some people comment and wonder the kind of school they went or the kind of result the came out with,she is not ready to submit, let her peaceful wait for that Messiah that will marry her and stop disturbing the peace of social Media, you still have mouth to talk, very soon you will Begin to go from church to church saying is one of your uncle in the village whereas you are the one doing yourself now by refusing to use you head…continue as Patience Jonathan say.

  121. Then she would never get married

  122. Then remain single till eternity…

  123. Yoko Zuma says:

    How is it done?

  124. Ola Okik says:

    I beg buy ten wetin u dey wait for show us testimoney