Nigerian actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday has said that she didn’t evade arrest because of Seyi Edun her colleague, over a recent altercation they had on social media.

Some days ago, the actress took to her Instagram page to state that actress, Seyi Edun, had attempted to get her arrested.

She stated that when the policemen got to her house, she was already on her way to the airport. However, many people on social media insinuated that Nkechi actually ran away from her house to avoid getting arrested.

In a chat with Sunday Scoop, Blessing refuted those claims.

She said,

“Why would I run away because of Seyi Edun? (That means) she must be the president of Nigeria. I was actually supposed to travel on the 17th but I had to change my flight ticket to December 21 because of a movie I finished shooting on December 20. Should I have changed my ticket because of Seyi?

I had left my house for the airport about 15 minutes earlier when I got a call from my mum that some police officers were in my house. As unprofessional as they were, they did not even state the main reason they came and who sent them.

First, they said I did business with someone and cheated the person. Later, they said I threatened someone. My mum didn’t buy their story because they looked like kidnappers; so, she asked them to leave her house that I was already on my way to the airport.”

The actress also claimed that she reported Edun to the commissioner of police.

“Of course, I had to start calling those I know too because it felt like a life threatening situation when I heard that policemen came to my house. What if they were kidnappers? However, all that is in the past now because I don’t think I have time for drama. I want to be drama-free (from now).”

On what caused the rift between both of them, Nkechi stated:

“Sincerely, I don’t know who advised her to send police officers to my house without evidence. She claimed I threatened to release her sex tape but she is not even my friend; we are just colleagues. Where on earth could I have got her sex tape from; that is even if she has one in the first place.”

Reacting to speculations that they were fighting over a man, Nkechi said,

“Who gave her a man? She is actually with someone’s husband.”

Responding to the actor, Mr Macaroni, who alleged that the actress had become a nuisance on social media, Nkechi said,

“That one is just a cheap attention seeker and people like that don’t deserve my reply. I don’t know him; so, that settles it. I don’t care about such comments because they fail to realise that if you don’t make noise about yourself, no one will do it for you.”

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