Nollywood actress Daniella Okeke has reached out to female inmates at Kirikiri prison to shower them with gifts as part of the celebration of the festive season.

Daniella Okeke visits

The actress made the kind gesture via her foundation and wrote on the essence of the visitation via her Instagram page.

Daniella Okeke Foundation Extends Unquantifiable Love to Kirikiri Female Inmates and Their Babies.

In line with the spirit of the season, and in fulfilling one of her core mandates, over 320 female inmates of the Lagos Kirikiri prison and 10 babies are the recent beneficiaries of the Daniella Okeke Foundation during a recent charity visit to the Kirikiri Maximum Prison on the 20th of December, 2018.

The foundation is a community impact initiative of notable Nigerian actress and film maker *Daniella Okeke*; established with a passion to empower and uplift ‘at risk and less privileged persons’ across Nigeria.

The prison charity visit is one amongst other impactful and destiny fulfilling projects of the Daniella Okeke Foundation across various Nigerian communities

Daniella Okeke visits

Daniella Okeke visits



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