Yvonne Jegede

Delectable Nollywood Actress, Yvonne Jegede, is one Lady who is indeed beautiful and endowed, her charm can cause commotion for many definitely because of her body structure.

Sources close to the actress say she is a very accommodating lady who loves to see people around her happy.

Speaking to Encomium recently, the actress revealed her ideal type of man, saying she can never take an ugly man as husband, no matter what.

“I don’t even know what it is any more. But I think people at different ages have different perception in respect of what an ideal man is.

“He should be more intelligent than myself. I need somebody I can learn from him. He should also be able to take care of himself. That’s an ideal man for me. He should not be ugly,” she said.

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    • Correct,good talk you have hammered d word with yr wisdom,let her be thinkinh she,s miss world but she has forgetten women are like flowers they get old quickly when they are left in d sun for too long,leave her let her be doing shakara very soon she will start begging us the old papas for marriage,kon tete ye oni bredi.thanks for yr golden advise may d lord bless you with more wisdom.

  1. Has anybody ever created himself? Are you challenging God for creating anybody that way lest you forget He created everybody in His own image if you didnt take time God will join you with the most ugly husband and you must stay with him like that.BE WARNED.

  2. See how people are judging and laying abuses on her like they are any better & perfect.Can’t you correct or say your minds with love??God help us with the way we reason.

  3. Don’t worry, u will see fine man dat showcase his body to million women as u are showcasing ur own to million men, see her mouth, dats y u celebrities don’t last in marriage, bcos u are nt after wat is important in a man, u see fine man u will be carried away, b4 u no it, is brake up. Be wise young lady, speaking like a child

  4. because u r Niger must beautiful,, twea,, no man is ugly,,,even, if they’re,, is in the bible that a man must b ulgy n fearful,,,so there r only fulfilling sculptures,,, thank God for make up,, if not some of we ladies has ti contents with monkey

  5. U neva start..
    Do you think that charisma matters in marriage?
    I dont blame you to select husband cos you have got a little money, so u can select husbands.

  6. If dem dem tell you to create doll can u? U no want ugly man as a husband have u not heard that handsomeness does not guarantees a successful marriage

  7. I think no man even want u again…. Not even to share bed with u.. Lol if u no any handsome man why don’t u go to him n tell u love him to be ur husband…

    • Tnx for yr sensible advise,as beautiful as you are hear yrself may the lord bless you with more wisdom she has forgetten handsome men are like james bond women run after them they entice them even with money but when you are beautiful and you marry an ugly man he will idiolise you to eternity becos you are his GOD and goddess.bless you for yr golden advice money can never buy in d market according to we elders.

  8. Dey dia de select u hear ..when that time pass na prayer house go be ur husband …with what I am seeing na ugly guy u go marry you ..

  9. Ugly go for ugly because you are ugly too so you gonna marry ugly man like you..man dnt use to ugly for ur question because man is man..

  10. Chinonso Chukwuma

    Pls do u marry handsom man? What this girl is demanding is total nonsense,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,becos she is trying to tell GOD that som of men who he has created ar ugly

    If she said that i want to marry rich man i can understand her better but say that something to intimidate what GOD hs made is total nonsense,,,,,,,,,,


  11. Ugly go for ugly because you are ugly too so you gonna marry ugly man like you..man dnt use to ugly for ur question because man is man.. ??

  12. My dear,no man is ugly,an ugly man with good heart is beautiful nd a handsome man with wicked heart is very ugly,plz don’t be decieved by facial beauty

  13. Start waiting till doomsday. D beauty of a person is not a through color especially woman, i can see that ur d must urgly person on earth.

  14. My dear must you go necked before you can get or attract a handsome man,,,,,,,your appearance will tell you the kind of guy you’ll get married to,,,,change ooo

    • Hahahaha,well said you are on point brother they are already falling and saging they are like that with the almighty help of push bras allow her to naked for you then you will see what am talking abt,when sweet beautiful sixteens with pointed breast,pointed nose,beautiful face and pointed beautiful buttom like that of our screen goddess INI EDO are try to settle dwn you old mama stil they search for handsome man she has forgotten she,s in nigeria home paragon of beauties.

  15. U ar not beautiful is only ur ripe apple breast, nd as u can’t marry a man yourself dat y u can’t deferenciate btw ugly nd hansom guy

  16. Very hard for proud ladies to find a man even if they do, the house will become a centre for power tussle. Ur want is not keeping u from still being single, ur attitude is. From d words that ull elicited I don’t have to b told that u are made of chaff. Ur beautyoooo, public boobsoooo are all vanity.. So take a mat to sambisa forest and sleep…

  17. Y all dis insult, she just said her mind,is Nigeria not a democratic country where u say ur thugts but cum talk true u fyn babes una wan marry ugly guys b4 lolz dnt mind me joor no guy is ugly BT pls let us stp using social media to pour insult to pple tanks,Yvonne cover up abok

  18. We will be waiting to see the Mr Handsome u will get. But remember MENOPAUSE is close. That handsome man will still leave u and get young girl who will bear him children. Be careful my dear. Woman are like flowers. Their beauty fades in shortest time.

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