Nigerian women have taken to social media to share shocking stories about what they found out about their partners after the went through their phones.

On Saturday, May 8, a popular Nigerian food blogger, Diary of a Kitchen Lover, had a Q&A session on Instagram, and she asked women if they have ever snooped through their men’s phones.

The answers gotten from that question ranged from Infidelity, Gay S3X and many more.

A lady said her husband kicked her out of their house after she found out he was sleeping with a guy.

She wrote ;

He was sleeping with a guy, he was upset that i snooped and he kicked me out of our house.

Another woman also shared a chat in which a side chick vowed never to leave her husband.

“No matter how much you try you can never separate I and your husband. We have known each other for 10 good years. You are just harming yourself. Leave us alone and face your life. Or else you wont know peace in this life. Because we wont separate. It will only make us stronger I can assure you. Stop trying to force yourself where you dont belong. Witch. Frustrated lonely ass” the side chick wrote.

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