A popular Nigerian writer has taken to Twitter to narrate how she was beaten up by a thug in the market after she reacted when he touched her waist.

The lady, @NaijaSingleGirl said she was shopping at 3pm when the tout grabbed her waist from behind as she passed.

She pushed him and when he regained balance, he punched her in the neck and dislocated her arm.

She said he then threatened to break her head.

The men there, rather than call him to order, they chose to take his side and they asked the woman to walk away to “pacify” the tout’s ego.

Read her narration of the incident below;



  1. okay,, that is your own side of the story; nobody know exactly the real story.
    dear men, please, be wise because before a lady get beaten; she must have split what she shouldn’t… thus, we are going to continue looking if you wont stop ransack on your trauma


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