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“I hate that saying children are a blessing, it is gotten from a selfish place” – Nigerian Lady Says As She Sparks Debate Online (WATCH)

A Nigerian lady has sparked a provoking debate by expressing her dislike for the popular saying, “Children are a blessing.”

In a video that has been widely shared online, she argues that the phrase is often said from a position of selfishness.

The lady claims that many people have children for the wrong reasons, which counters the genuine meaning behind the statement.

She criticizes the idea that children are blessings solely because of the benefits they can bring to their parents.

She provided examples including parents who expect their children to care for them in their old age, those who have children to take care of future siblings, and even individuals who have children out of their own loneliness.

She believes that the saying “Children are a blessing” is a selfish idea because it fails to consider how parents can be a blessing to their children instead.

According to her, the focus is primarily on how children can be advantageous to the parents, rather than acknowledging the two-sided nature of the parent-child relationship.

As the video continues to circulate online, Her perspective has sparked a lively discussion, online with some supporting her viewpoint and many defending the traditional belief that children are indeed blessings.

Watch the video below:


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