A Nigerian businesswoman has advised married women not to leave their marriage because their husband is cheating, they should learn to forgive and tolerate their husband.

In an Instagram video, the businesswoman opined that a woman should not leave her home because her husband cheated on her outside. She emphasized that at least he cheated outside and didn’t disrespect his wife by bringing the concubine to their matrimonial home.

In her opinion, cheating is not a genuine reason for a woman to leave her matrimonial home. She mentioned if the man is not performing his basic duties and responsibilities at home; showing love and taking care of his wife and kids, she will advise such woman to leave her husband.

She said;

“The grass is not greener on the other side.
Don’t be deceived!

You left because he cheated and now you are probably dating another woman’s husband😏 or telling anyone that cares to listen how terrible men are just so they remain single !!

Where is the space of forgiveness and tolerance?
Ask yourself!”

The businesswoman noted that whoever is advising a woman to leave her cheating husband is being deceitful. There are still good men outside but it takes the grace of God for a man not to cheat.

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