Stunning Nollywood actress, Genevieve Nnaji has disclosed why she decided to produce her own movie ‘Road to Yesterday’, following her long hiatus.

The actress also revealed though she hasn’t ruled out marriage, she is still waiting for the right man.

Read excerpts from her interview with Chux Ohai of Punch:

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On why it has taken her a long time to join the growing ranks of new generation movie producers in the country, Genevieve says:

“I chose to be an actress. Acting was what I had always wanted to do. I don’t think that I ever imagined myself producing a film. I love acting. If the Nigerian movie industry was as stable as it should be, I probably would have been on the set of a movie every day of my life and not be bothered about what goes on behind the camera. So it is a matter of choice and preference.”

On marriage.

Marriage does not seem to be in her agenda yet, asked when she would finally take the plunge, the actress replies that contrary to speculations, she has not ruled out marriage. But that she would make up her mind as soon as she meets the right person.

“I haven’t found the right man yet. When he comes, I’ll get married,” she says.

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  1. Babe, there is no right man, though, his wish is ur command but, u can make him right on ur own way, during courtship before marriage but, just be careful shaa.

  2. Am sorry 2 say but u might just end up single if u re waiting 4 d right man cos dere is no such thin as a right man,we ve alll got our bad sides as nobody is perffect,as long as u both love each odas,God ll help u make every oda tin right,I wish u luck in ur search

  3. Dnt worry my sis, d right one will come wen Jesus comes down from heaven okay. Continue ur search, mtcheew right man ko, wrong man ni. Beta take d idiot from d left to d right

  4. They is no right man…..just find the one that care,love and respect you!!!life is too short,find the wrong man and make him right

  5. God will surely give you ur hrt desire.sweetie u r blessed u hv a daughter, d right man will surely cme. We still hv sm gud men (Bt nt 100%)God will bring him to u. U r angle.

  6. The question is, are you a right woman? Bc you can only hv a round peg fix to a round hole. You cannot be wrong n wish to have what is right. So look inwards you all that think there is no right guy.

  7. My dear, eeeeeh dont even of having one. Men r just gud when they want u, but afterwards they see like old okada……. so sister move on.

  8. My dear,just make d right decision 4 urself ok.But be careful,and dnt fail 2 pray whenever anyone comes,with dat u wil knw d right one, because i knw every woman has her own husband, i.e the right one 4 her.

  9. Naxo gurlz dey talk alwayz;;; hav nt found d right person yet;;,n there ar many guyz out there single, lukin for gurlz 2 marry,buh huna go say huna no lik dem;;;until huna go carry huna enemy cum ouz;;;;mcteeeeew,,,

  10. Why waiting for the right man when you have a grown-up girl? The father should be the right man. Stop ridiculing yourself in the media.

    • @Ijeoma u are full of hate!!! Haba!!!! Are u not a woman? She made a mistake at 16. What’s the big deal? How many girls are virgin at 16? Is countless abortions better? Have u been with ur first man all ur life? Ridiculing herself cos she waits on God for the right man? Pls be sensitive!

    • Who knows maybe the guy has moved on a long time ago! Dats y teenage love is not worth it pls, most lead to sex and pregnancy. That was what happened to her. Youth should always learn to wait for dem to get a Lil bit matured before they commit themselves to a relationship. Teenage “love” isn’t worth it

    • Pinky what ever that is your name, you are such an idiot, fool,Facebook is not for brainless idiots like you, get that into your small brain I have every right to my opinion, crash if you don’t like it.

    • Y r u fighting hre? Do u xpect Genevieve to gv u sumthng 4 dis, if her comment is bad dis is nt d ryt way to aproach hr, say ur own opinion, dis is her own thougt.. stop quarelling 4 sum1 wu doesn’t even knw uu..

    • Ijeoma Victor. Life is not like that. She may not even know what true love is then, she need to settle down with a man she really loves and also love her back. That’s the prayer of every woman.

    • Ijeoma Victor. You must be a very rude person. What brought about the insult now? Be warn, you don’t insult people you don’t know. I haven’t insulted you. Just be careful is a warning. Period!

  11. Well, i think you should find the father of your daughter. Yes it may appear that he did something wrong in the past but remember if some things didnt happen in our lives the other things wouldnt have happened. His actions and deeds planted a courage in you which brought change in your life. Now you are comfortably rich and famous. Now think back if he didnt do what he did would you have take the courageous step into the pursuit of a life changing career? . Forgive him and embrace him. You will see how beautiful things will turn out to be. But that is if he is still single oooo. Thanks beauty.

  12. Nwa di mma,and to all this haters,it’s not about getting married but staying married besides majority of you guys don even have d balls to approach her and you guys also forgot that this lady’s heart has been broken as a teenager,let’s respect her emotions

  13. Wait till you clock 60years of age. Full of pride and ego. Age will soon tell on you. Sooner or later, that market will finish.

  14. There’s no right man my dear. Even those that called themselves born again. All of them are rubbish. Just pick one and asked God for help. I am suffering in the name of marriage

  15. I’m NOT making publicity for you in anywise.

    But I speak as one that has the right to TELL you to go and be rightly completed according to the law of nature.

    You & the person, WITH whom you suppose to rightly be, shall NOT be hidden to each other ANY LONGER until you find reliable rest for yourself.
    This has been SPOKEN!

    I SPEAK AS IF I SPEAK TO MY DAUGHTER, and any of my children. I love each of them SO much than my necessary life!

    It is better NOT to have a companion for life THAN to have a wrong one.

    When a good UNION is built, it has unspeakable impacts on a nation. IT IS AS REAL AS THAT!

    But I TELL you, “GO & PROSPER!” As you desire. Unchallengeably! In the Name of Jesus!


  17. As if there is one sumwhere. Ask ur self if u ar d right woman. U beta stop waitin cos u might end up with d wrong man in d cause of watin 4 d right one

  18. Just be patient and put everything to God because Him alone can fulfil your heart desire my friend. All the best is all I wish for you

  19. “Right man”???I have always wonder if those two word are not the fabrication high society world you dreamily float on?Beauty sorry to mentioned have you even contemplated if your father is the “right man” for your mother? Sorry I don’t mean to sound hash just an imagination. I suggested you take a courageous step this time act honestly be ready to be a wife and lots of potential husband is at the waiting. Just a concern fan who may sound blunt.Note the beauty of a women is like the morning flowers

    • I swear o.many good people are waiting dir you.maybe you just don’t want to get over your heartbreak yet and move on.if not this right man no go escape your mouth.pick one person n make it work or go ahead n stay happy with your daughter rather than ending up in a divorce.mtcheww..smh.right man indeed

  20. my dear Genny u r so beutiful n well mannal at 35 u look 25 why is it so hard 4 u 2 get a man of ur dream WHY ? God in heaven pls grant genny her heart desear

  21. Awwwww my inspiration Genevieve, I pray that the Lord will be kind enough to show you mercy and favor to give you that man u desire my dear. I still adored u so much geny, may the peace of God reign on your life forever.

  22. Till fibroid will take u by then the man of the house will be crying and u will have nothing to lose cos u have one already. Rubbish u.

  23. Continue to makeup & look more beautyfull than d way God created u & d right man come even at age 60years u still get hope.keep searching.

  24. My dear keep waiting for the right man he will come,ur decvice urslf. are u the right woman?u never tired of boyfriends,body go tell u later

  25. God will grant you your heart desire, a man that will love you for who you are, forget what people are saying becos they are not your God.

  26. Don’t worry my dear, just keep praying. My God will surprise you soon with that right man you have been waiting for.

  27. Why dnt u dragg d Mr left to Mr right? Then u will see hw easy it is instead of waiting for Mr right to come Mtchewwwwww

  28. My s’weat gen there is an extend ur expensive make-up we go God has made it like that u cannot cheet nature’ple cannot u look at ur self?take ur pics n compare each of them, u will see 4 ur try n marry or may u don’t need husband?

  29. Gene, have been in love with you since the very first time I saw you in a movie named For Better For Worst..
    And am still in love with you till date.

  30. U ll be there waiting 4 d right man nd ur daughter ll get married b4 u, nd u ll even get old in ur own house without getting married, be there waiting 4 mr perfect

  31. Kindly wait for the right man am sure he will find you don’t mind this noisy people commenting rubbish. Some of them are not married why some are married to am rubbers you are better than them in every.

  32. Hmm madam keep searching, when u like dating pple that won’t take u as wife rada taken u as their fun babe. Wakeup cos ur daughter wil soon surpasses u.

  33. My lovly Gen.. Dnt be desperate for marriage bcos it a life time programme,, God ll surely give u d right dat u ll live happily wth.

  34. If u hv not found d ryt man yet by now, dat so u wont get married again,Geneview u are old enough to hv a grandchild.

  35. When could dat be wen u hv enjoyed all d hole world finish with big big men what of dem hv they not ready to marry u? Leave d world thing alone n follow d word of God

  36. Due to your engagement in prostitution & other related activities which non of the right men engaged with. So go & look for the people like you. G Nnagi dont you know that your appearamces as b4 started diminishing?

  37. Due to your engagement in prostitution & other related activities which non of the right men engaged with. So go & look for the people like you. G Nnagi dont you know that your appearamces as b4 started diminishing?

  38. If u lyk go carry clay mould ur mista ryt bt remember dat evry body nids a partner dat wuld help him/her perfect d inperfection in dat individual

  39. @ Abigail wheather she is narrating her problem or not d fact still remain she can’t find d right but d “right man” findn her if she can only go to God n prayer n mk d request.

  40. Im a true prophet of God genny god just revealed to me dat u wil be my wife but if fail to marry me ur second husband wil come wen u are 100 yrs think twice

  41. why don’t u stop lookin after big men, there some guys that can bear with u at lower level big men can’t solve Ur issue again coze u re big lady n oga meji ole gbe inu oko? try that.

  42. Well, God is in control………He has the future in His hands……We Men can say and do what we feel is right or what brings us pleasure. Anyways, God’s will shall surely come to past in our lives in Jesus name.Amen…. As the royal law says rom 13 vs 10, I Love you…….Miss Genny.

  43. She always get d right man whenever it comes to her emotional feeling bet always mr left at these stage, why the advice guys

  44. Respect her wish, she knows what she wants..but Genny,age isn’t friendly to us,women..we age faster than men,maybe if you get off your high horse,your Prince could be standing with his hand out stretched? Or are you really a lez? But then, don’t rush in and run out, only to impress people.

  45. Married or not married my dear, your joy and peace counts. Mr Right remains the best life partner because he will love and adorn you. For those saying age is not on her side, may be your God is not the Omnipotent and all powerful God who at His time make all things well. Most High God is ageless. A thousand years to Him is like a day. Genny love, do not marry just anything that feels that he is a man. Your own will locate you

  46. Some said she is a lez.I don’t think so,I think she doesn’t want to make mistakes in marriage that’s y she have to wait for the right one.

  47. U have betta get one now and marry,before u becom old as my graund mother,go to d merrior and check ur face,abi na MARY K dey desive u? U are geten old oooo.

  48. You are just not ready to get married so long as u dnt let go of wah ever happened in ur past relationships it’s keep coming back nd ur hatred for men increase so let go nd stop looking for d right man remember you are not perfect too

  49. You know yourself so do what pleases you pretty one. Just be careful in your dealings. Too many preachers writing you history fake or true I pray thee you gonna make victory. You got all for a man to mingle with. Love on its own, is as gentle as a dove. But, we operators always placed its on stove. If you truly care for love then, kindly visit the land of low loyalty. Believe me, there you gonna get it in full. You never fade in my eyes. Don’t get drunk over the world for the world as well won’t ride on you. God is with you.

  50. @miracle clever urenwa u should be crashing wen mama and papas are talking. wetin concern igbo matter for here. If I’m to be fb I’ll delete u.

  51. A lady running to 40 and yet still searching. This’s repugnant, if she can’t stay without sex.Is’t until labias degenerate b4 seeing the right man?

  52. Don’t worry yourself madam after all you have your beautiful daughter. just take your time after all marriage is not by fire by force provided you can keep your legs close

  53. Well firstly, are you yet to find the right & good YOU??? When you radiate such, then the right man won’t need to be found.

  54. woooooow wonderful really, but Are u seriousssss abaut what what ur saing? Or can u try ccjyyy?9864+-‘@$7412 ~’ in action?????

  55. Make an order to God, give God specification of the “perfect” man you want Him can create him according to your specifications

  56. Dear, nnaji, i’ve always love d way u act and i’ve always see u as a roll model… Surfer ur knees to reachout to God and he’ll grant u ur heart desires , let me also tell u that there’s a right person for u but no perfect man…

  57. You have to be right before looking for the right man…..If you are looking for the perfect man then you will have to wait for the coming of Jesus Christ.

  58. Genny bae,God will bring d right man#if not d right man from d outset,can never b d right man#d worst mistake a woman can ever make in life is to marry d wrong man with d hope of making him d right right man
    Just cos she wants to b married#eternalnightmare#u can’t change a man #marriage is worth d wait#no rush#cos if u com out u b second hand#don’t ever manage a man in dis life cos guess what darling…they r never ever ready to manage u so wait for d right man who deserves u#som1 is searching for u in every woman they meet#udeservedbest#itsnotjustabtgettingmarried##derislotstobeingmarried#good luck#cheers!!

  59. Do you know what is wrong with some people, criticism. Please my friends if you do not have any better advice to give to her, you better keep ur mouth shut. My dear God can do impossibility possible

  60. Nne biko live ur life ..marriage isn’t a must or a do or die affair ..let those wagging their mouths continue ..many of them aren’t even married yet and those that are married can’t even keep their home. Nonsense

  61. How many men have you dated?out of 100 no one is right,Continue jumping from one man to another,one bed to another all the hotels beds in the world,you have tasted them and still you never find the right bed.hahaha time not on your side.menopause hmmm menopause bell ringing

  62. u are getting old if u dnt no nd no responisble man will settle down wit u cos of ur wealth u will never find him so chose 1 nd make him right

  63. Keep searching or waiting. Right man or perfect man you meant to say???is that wrinkles i’m seeing under her eyes?

  64. Wait till u r 50yrs n keep searching c d bitter truth is nobody will marry u with all ur riches no man will get controlld by a woman

  65. Woman, time is the greatest enemy of humanity, use your time well if you want to get married. Have not seen the right MAN at your age means that you need to go to another planet eg Mars, Moon, Neptune, Jupiter.

    If you cannot still find,then tell Jesus to help you locate one in his kingdom

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