A big man has stirred reactions online after he was caught on tape at a club enjoying the luxuries of life while talking about wasting his father’s fortune.

The man is well-known on TikTok for blowing his money on social adventures had piqued the interest of other thrill seekers when he purchased a bottle of an expensive drink.

A viral video shows him claiming that he is not involved in the Yahoo scam industry. He stated that he is the last born in his family and that he is enjoying his father’s fortune.

After making that apparent, he returned to the club and began to party hard with the other clubgoers.

His comment sparked replies from Twitter users, who advised him to have fun because he didn’t steal or cheat anybody.

A twitter user commented; “God I see what you are doing for other last borns 🤲🏼😭 remember me!”

Another replied; “The best job and position in the world😂”

Watch the video below,

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