Nollywood Actress, Angela Eguavoen has disclosed that she had once declined a role in an x-rated film.

She claimed that a foreign producer got in touch with her and told her that she has the kind of physique that would be ideal for a pornographic film, but she turned him down because accepting such parts goes against her moral beliefs.

Eguavoen claimed that the filmmaker attempted to persuade her to take the offer by revealing how mindblowing the pay was, but she refused.

Her words;

“I have been approached to shoot an X-rated film before. One random producer sent me a message on social media. Funnily enough, he was not even a Nigerian. He said I had a great body, and that I would be good in that aspect. He added that the pay would be mind-blowing. I blocked him immediately after reading the message. I don’t think I will ever do that.”

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