Earlier today, Nollywood Actress and mother of four, Mercy Johnson called out her daughter’s school head teacher over an alleged victimization of her 8-year-old daughter. (See here)

The actress had taken to her Instagram page to air her displeasure over the unjust act against her kid. She revealed that the teacher deliberately bullies her daughter, Purity for the mere reason that she hates her (Mercy Johnson) as a public figure.

A lady who then claimed to be in the educational institution gave a different narrative of the whole confrontation. According to this lady, Mercy’s approach is far different from what she narrated in her post.

Read the lengthy post @thenancychidera had shared on her page,

“Mercy Johnson you embarrassed yourself and image today and action will definitely be taken against you. You would keep taking your children from one school to another because you can’t control your nonsense attitude.

Something happened at Chrisland VGC and I want everybody to judge the case. So many times, I’ve heard this narrative – Nigerian celebrities feeling like Demi-gods and superior to other human beings.

How would you as a mother-celebrity go to your daughter’s school and instigate your daughter to fight and cause havoc in her new school.

Your daughter was sent out of Greensprings because of your demental attitude and the fact that you didn’t train your children well and you brought that stupid character to Chrisland VGC.

Why would you go to your daughter’s school and fight a head teacher because she corrected your child.

So her child Purity twisted the hand of a fellow student and the case was reported to the head teacher. The woman called the both students to reconcile and asked them to apologize.

The child literally told the head teacher that she would never apologize because she wasn’t taught to do so. After much persuasion, she apologized and the mother dismissed the pupils.

Only for the mother to come to school this afternoon to cause havoc, to insult, humiliate the head teacher. All for what?

After her display, she called her husband who in turn came to the school with 3 hefty bodyguards to beat up the headteacher for supposedly disturbing his wife and child.

So as a man, you brought your soldier dogs to beat up a woman, aren’t you ashamed?” Continue Reading Here.

Now in a new development, the Lady who had claimed that Mercy’s story was far from the truth, has now apologized. @thenancychidera revealed that she was misinformed about the whole drama, noting that she based her judgement on what she heard without critically examining the issue.

Nancy further revealed that she’s received several death threats from individuals and pleaded with Nigerians to take it easy on her due to her mental health.

According to her, she is a very big fan of the movie star. She also tendered an apology to Mercy Johnson’s husband, Prince Okojie.

See the video below:

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  1. This is how u all go about tarnishing d image of others all because of Jealousy and hatred
    U no even get word for mouth
    U are apologizing for d one u said and u are still saying u are receiving death threat from who kwanu?
    Very annoying set of people

    Go and sit down pls

    U should have thought about ur mental health and d mental health of d family before u went ahead to spread false rumors

  2. You’re very stup*d to have jumped to conclusions and calling her husband names!! WTF IS WOMEN’S ISSUES THAT THEY CAN’T HANDLE THEIR LEVEL OF JEALOUSY 🙄 I REALLY HOPE MERCY GAVE THE BULLY ENOUGH GBAS GBOS 🤣

  3. We have so many stupid people like her. The Mercy you’re hating on does not even know someone like you exist. MJ is really nice on this case.

  4. You’re very sick… so your mouth like fowl nyash. “I was misinformed I was misinformed”. Carry sweet grammar dey cover your stupidity. Why didn’t you wait to see from both ends before running that your gutter mouth!. And you’re still raising another allegation by saying that Mr and Mrs okojie are threatening your life. Chai! Zukwanu ike. Shebi you wan blow? You don blow ni oya rest… clap for ya sef.

  5. Madman Nancy abi wetin you call your self you need real beating for coming out to spew nonsense and claiming that the incident happened in your presence and now you are here telling us you were misinformed, madman aproko who misinformed you? It’s high time you change your ways and fear God jealousy is even a sin before God… Making someone look bad doesn’t make you look good. Ire oo

  6. Shame on u woman
    U no get sense dats y u had to react to something u dnt even know abt b4 coming to talk trash, u jst envy someone who has done nothing to u coz she’s famous nd u want to look for every means for ur name to be heard, u made the biggest mistake of ur life trying to bad mouth Mercy
    Shame on u

  7. Dis woman is seriously crazy
    Pls sombori shud ep me ask her what her initial saw was? What dis she see bfor dat she based her judgment on? Issues like dis shouldn’t be taken slightly cos dis woman might be a messanger her case needs to be lookn in to critically..I dey suspect her

  8. If u hate mercy and u thought dragging her name to d mud is d best way to showcase it hatred hmmm madam God is still on d throne ooo and he knows d truth from d hidden, be very careful

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