Denola Grey, a Britain-based Nigerian content creator and fashion consultant shares his thoughts on marriage with Reystyless on his podcast, dressedtoconfess.

To the question “why African parents are so obsessed with marriage”, he responded,

“I don’t know why they are so obsessed with marriage and a lot of them aren’t happy in their marriage, like the older generation. So you want me to like meet someone and marry them and just be managing them. I don’t know, I hate slavery.”

The thirty-three-year-old Fenty ambassador drove home some truth that most young people agree with. Many are frustrated with their parents’ clamor for marriage when they have not even met someone or cannot afford a wedding.

Read some of the thoughtful comments below;

4bmoves: They care more about what others think than their own children’s happiness. They’re always competing & comparing with friends & family whose child are not married or are not doctors than actually asking us what we want.

sharon.chigozirim: Na the ones wey dey social media wey no happy, most marriages are peaceful and enjoyable

just.__jay.__: Everyone is so focused on how he’s behaving instead of listening to what he’s actually saying… He’s speaking the truth!!!

ezisi_: Past generations were happier in their marriages tho. They made real sacrifices for each other

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