A video capturing the moment a ram nearly escaped from a car booth on the highway has sparked a conversation about the outrageous price of ram in the market ahead of the Ileya Muslim Festival.

The viral clip revealed there was traffic on the highway when the ram attempted to step out of the car booth.

The video recorded by a motorist driving behind the car conveying the ram, reveals the moment the ram used its horn to raise the car booth, attempting to jump out of the moving car.

The motorist without hesitation alarmed the car owner, who immediately stepped out of the car to prevent the ram from making it’s escape.

Regarding the outrageous price of the ram, netizens speculate that it would be a huge loss if the ram had the opportunity to escape from the vehicle. Viewers exclaimed that the ram would have been gone if the driver had not taken quick measures as it could have been stolen.

While some netizens noted that running after the ram when there is traffic will amount to danger to other vehicles on the highway, others thought of how heartbreaking it will be to lose a ram worth more than a million.

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