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Pound for pound, few women in Nollywood, or even the entire entertainment industry can hold their own when it comes to going head to head in boobs contest with Bolaji Ogunmola.

The up and coming hot actress is so endowed in the bosom, that the likes of Cossy wouldn’t want to be in the same room with her for fear of competition. But for the Next Movie Star class of 2013, having big boobs can’t compare to having bigger butt.

In a recent chat with Potpourri, the sexy, charismatic and unassuming ebony beauty bares her mind on some sensitive issues relating to sex, relationships and her career as an actress.

Bolaji-Ogunmola-206x300 (1)

“I am left handed, I like light-skinned guys and very emotional,” she says, describing herself in simple terms.

“I can’t date a poor man and would have preferred having a bigger butt,” she added but declined to comment further on why she prefers bigger butt to her humongous, captivating boobs.

Bolaji has only been on her acting journey for four years but the horizon looks good for her.

“I have been acting for like four years now but people say you start counting from when you started making impact. So on that note, I became relevant from two years ago. My first film was when I was in the university, that is the University of Ilorin. After which I got enrolled at Royal Art Academy. I was part of some of their projects like Okon goes to school, Unbedded Niece and some other films,” she says, beaming with smiles.

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  1. If [email protected] u call “Poor Man” doesn’t buy any of ur movies, I’m so sorry sis…u’d have been in d farm @ ur villa…U don’t call a man “POOR”!!! if u tink u cn do witout a poor man, den u was ur cloths,guard urslf @ home n don’t even act n let’s see how ur so called boobs will fetch u money….Nonesense!!!

  2. My sister is it big boobs you’re making noise with? Something that will soon fall like the walls of Jericho after you breastfeed the first child ask Cossy sef wey never breastfeed
    Receive sense in Jesus name.#yeyedeysmell


    If a qirl said she dont love yhu bcos of money,hustle hard,make your money,beg her again,promise her marriage,go for introduction and tell her parents u wana renovate their house,remove the roof and dissapear,asing run awaaaay!!!

    She dey mad for head
    she no fit sacrifise one of these her watermelon boobs for am make him take do money,e no dy heavy u?

  4. Lols blessed with bog boobs nd u wont date poor man…dat tin u call boobs is artificial baloon dat will just explode one day,no go find anyman marry b4 dat boobs go less u will now say ur village pple is doing u ba

  5. No need to waste your money chasing this kind of bae, leave her, go and make some money then just come and confuse her destiny, give her 50 k to buy recharge card . .she will go back to seek the face of the lord about the right man for her life

  6. Wat has big boobs gat 2 do with bin with a rich man…. Sister follow me mke i show u pple 4 mortuary wey get bigger boobs lying lifelessly… Who ur big boobs epp? Chai… Poor men don suffer? U fail 2 realize no condition is permanent…

  7. You’re blessed with big boobs? I hear you. When you get to 40 yrs, I will ask you what you said again. Big boobs my ass. I love intelligent and God fearing ladies more than ladies with big boobs and ass, they don’t guarantee a good home.

  8. Boobs and big ass is now an achievement to some women. Remain there, when ur fellow women are reading books to impart their world. When that big boobs give you sleepless night in first pregnancy… U go appreciate moderate size. Smhh

  9. Abeg someone tell this old congealed blood that she’s getting close to menopause, besides if she thinks she has big boobs with this average oranges I see there so she should come see younger girls who are true definition of endowment & yet humble! Aunty pls marry your big boobs!

  10. Enh go nd die…nd u dnt say a man is POOR cos ure nt ur so called stupid boobs are made up of gold… Instead of u to tell God to gv u d right man u dre saying u av big boobs..#WhoyourBOOBsEpp

  11. My dear, who yr big boobs Epp? Who e serve oh?
    U better give our young guys make dem help you shape am wellah
    This one it looks as if you breast feed d whole male in this world,
    My grandma’s boobs is finer than yours

  12. I don’t even know wia all this cheap crabs re coming from…..Person wey no won marry a poor man but she’s poor.So who won marry a poor gurl? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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  14. Why are Ladies
    Of nowadays not coming out to talk about having good brains, prayerfully strong, their dreams and vision and purpose in life, how they intend to affect their generations positively? Have we now limited ourselves to assess and boobs? Because men are attracted by what they see? That’s why I don’t blame Mr president Buhari that much for saying we belong to d kitchen and d other room. Even if some women don’t even know where d kitchen is talk less of how to light gas or stove. Ladies please be wise this things will surely bore this man after a while. A time will come when he needs your wisdom, contribution or knowledgeable suggestion on something important in his life. What if you can’t would the boobs and assess still matter? THINK WISELY my fellow ladies

  15. What is wrong with these yeyebrities and upcoming prostitutes these days?. If financial security is your main reason of going into marriage, please marry the rich and already-made men, leave the struggling guys to live their lives in peace and dignity.

  16. Wetin poorman do una for dis country, Aunty linda don talk her own Abt poor man d other day nd u too come talk own again, or una wan poor man make hey run comot from dis country. Baba God………. Abeg we dey beg u, do us like bill gate nd never put us for shame as we dey trying our best to reach dia

  17. Has big or small boobs ever guaranteed the success of marriage? Are you not supposed to groom yourself into becoming a virtuous woman and be prayerful so that your marriage won’t collapse like other celebrities??? Marriage isn’t about Full options,but your Heart. #takenote#!!!

  18. yea thank God u knw , what will a poor man benefit from ur big breast if not suffocation and considering the fact dat he will be buying u extra large bra … So u beta date a rich guy cuz ur breast expenses too much .. But the question is … Were there be any ??? Lol

  19. Is big boobs criteria 4 marryn a rich man? 4rm young age til now if it is,
    all dos big rich men seen u could v married u a long tym ago.u are stl talkn
    like a child up til now. get som sense. grow up

  20. Na only u get big, big chawab? Chawab means boobz! And how many Richardos’ll u marry with ur big chawab? 4 ur in4, Richardos don’t really know how 2 suckle chawab.wen u meet real poor guyz,they ‘ll dry d nonsense out of ur silly-head!


  22. Am nt trying 2 support dis brainless girl, but my question is, who among u I mean d ladies here wanna marry a poor man?too many single women in d country all cos dey all wanna marry a bigger u girls should stop pointing finger remember d rst ar pointing at u

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  25. so many have said this with the likes of Genevieve n Linda Ikeji but the wealthy men with their eyes wide open, leap away from the sound of such words. so rather than talking like that, why dont u work on urselves n hush why they locate u but wealthy men are like dicks u cant tell the size unless it is fully erect. marry am first then see weder him no go blow n hammer

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  27. All your mates are proud of their talents and you are here making noise with your big boobs and how does that concerns the economy of the nation? Anyway I don’t blame you because you are suffering from what is known as internet mentality datz all

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