Nollywood fine Boy, Mike Godson is a fast rising actor that took over the industry with his acting prowess dusting aside the likes of Jim Iyke and Ramsey Noah.

His good looks and body structure is also a center of attraction which makes many ladies fall helplessly in love with him.

The actor who seems to be prepping up for settling down has choose to speak about the qualities he would need from his future bride.

In his words:

“Some time ago, i met a pretty girl in America and she said to me “Michael” i know you’d like to get married to the sexiest woman alive. A woman with the most adorable appearance, a model figure!!… I looked at her and smiled!! I smiled because that’s her opinion. I feel finding the right person is weigh more than just that. It’s not about, being with a model figure, or having a materialistic person as partner. Or basically showing off your partner for fame and attention. I think it’s about being with someone who has the greatest information in her head. Someone who affects people’s lives positively. Someone who would impact knowledge and power into your children. Someone who would engage her partner with intelligent arguments just to test his level of intelligence and eloquence. And above all someone who is close to God. Because if you focus on the materialistic things of life, those things that attracted you to that person, might not be there in 10 or 20 yrs. to come, so what keeps you going?? Truth is, the person you’d become in 10years depends on the knowledge you acquire, the books you read, the people you surround yourself with… no offence I am just a very deep person when it comes to the affairs of life and what should make it successful. May God give us wisdom #Amen. GOODMORNING FRIENDS!!.”

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