An Instagram seer by the name of Prophet Abel T Boma has raised an alarm on a foreseen assassination plot on controversial activist, VeryDarkMan‘s life by his enemies.

Indeed the Don’t-Play crooner has not really been most people’s favorite, especially at the moment judging by the various fights he engages in, but netizens wonder who would go to extreme lengths to want him dead.

The prophet did not outrightly mention that he was talking about VDM but from description and indication, it would seem so. He thereby beseeched Nigerians to pray for the preservation of his life.

While some called his bluff, terming him a fake prophet, many believed and chose to pray for the activist. Read on:

cyude: This one is called prediction based on available facts. This is not prophecy! Just stay 24/7 on social media and watch his account for few months you will arrive at this juncture. So this is not prophecy this is called permutations. Even my grandmother in the village can say this.

thecrazedoctors: This wat most comes for person that agitate for others and speaks for the voiceless ! I pray the prophecy won’t come to pass ! RATEL GANG 101😍😍

helen_daniel_lolo: I don’t like VDM to be very honest.., but death will never come near his dwelling 🙌

igwe_credo: Anybody that tries to harm VDM will never ever No Peace….. whatever you support today might harm your children tomorrow

ifecotechofficial: You’re just a content creator. You are not seeing any vision.

See the video as you scroll,

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