Vice President Yemi Osinbajo yesterday during an interview with journalist after a ministration at a church in Abeokuta, Ogun State said the change that his party promised during the 2015 campaign will be visible in another couple of years.

“There are lots of people who will say where is the change they promised. People will condemn and shout, but we are very focused, calm and extremely confident that God is on our side and this country will not be the same. In another couple of years, we will see the difference. All of us have a part to play in the change. Nigerians must be patriotic in our dealings and daily activities. We should be committed to the nation” he said


  1. Years?You people r confused,people are suffering and you r saying years.All I know is that recession or not God’s grace got me n my family.My heart goes out to those in pains.God heal Nigeria

  2. Liar… Bloody hypocrite… You sit there and deceive yourself as Vice-president and a christian and a pastor… You lie to people every second… What kind of conscience do you even have…

  3. so u are telling us to continue dis hardship through years? everything is now costly difficult for some ppl to afford what a pity, I know God will intervene as he does for d zion

  4. That na grammar o..!! You scammed us with N power. That was how you deceived us with your sweet mouth with Npower. Promised heaven and earth. Nothing till now. We don wise up. Kowole!!

    • This is a good comment my Sister. With God all things are possible. As Christians we should not let our faith fail us not to talk of rainning abuses and curses on a Man of God. I believe the Same God that turned the economy of Samaria around is still very much with us. Things are bad no doubt , but we in Nigeria are still better than those war ravaged countries. When we all go on our knees and seek God’s face. He will even take us farther than we expected. RemIn Blessed.

    • Bekky igelle Ede Ade, why do you ask thunder to fire someone old enough to be your Father? What if the thunder went back and fire you? We need caution when it comes to writing comments. Hence we don’t invoke God wrath on our head.

    • Madam shut up your mouth dere, you that is complaining about her comment are you enjoying what is going on in Nigeria..?

      I will advise you keep your preaching to yourself or better till preach it to BUHARI and his fellow criminals #Nonsense @ Lola Abe Iselewa

    • @Lola:Then this thunder go fire u join that shameless VP. He lied to us all about the change, now they can’t deliver, instead of him to bury his head in shame and apologize, he is here talking about something else, n u open ur mouth to support him because u think u are enjoying crumbs from him.

    • Becky, just hold your peace. everything is out of annoyance, she’s even get time to follow up your comment . But no matter how, that man is a man of God. Give him his own due respect. Your thunder also can it change the situation of this country. we only need God to see us through.

    • Lola u de craze? Who be the someone wen old to be her father? Well let me remind you that he is not her father Becos his children are not going thru what we are going thru so keep quiet if you don’t have anything to say.

    • Only in the media of facebook you will see clearly some people who are Candidate of hell fire on earth. The bible says, respect your father and your mother and all that is older than you. I will not but tell you all mannerless and lack of home training set of people that, you have curse yourself and your future to come. Because all of you are part of the problems in Nigeria including your drunk brother, looter brothers and all useless looters sister you have. Ibori and co. All of you are insane. Awon omo ibo, aiye won ti baje tori cheap money. Baby factory, money looters.

    • Lola Abe Iselewa I followed the thread and your comment I never wanted to write but with your last comment I really think you deserve all the insult and even more… you know how many people are dying because of the cluelesness of this administration you’re supporting?? Don’t worry it will definitely get to your door step

    • @Bimpe:Political lie-lie man of God abi? Hw many times has he uttered a word since his fellow Christians are being killed like chicken? As a man of God, hw many times has he shown sympathy to the suffering of the Nigerian masses who he deceived into voting him to power? My dear, this VP is no longer a man of God o, he is now a politician n now has the heart of politicians.

    • Lola Did you just say that igbos are baby factories lol…. Your people (Yorubas) are always depending on Juju instead of God Almighty, your people (Yorubas)are always used as maid by my own people, your people (Yorubas)both men and women are always the bleaching cream people, your people(Yorubas)especially the guys are the Agbero’s we have in all the bus-stops in Lagos, your people(Yorubas)the women especially are always the Agege-Bread sellers, your people (Yorubas)both men and women are the 419ners will have in Lagos, your people (Yorubas)are always the ones picking people’s bag in Oshodi and Maza-Maza, your people (Yoruba)are always used as Road side sweepers, your people (Yorubas)are dirty and uneducated, your people (Yorubas)especially the women are those shiting inside their shop with paint rubber in Lagos-Island, your people (Yorubas)especially the girls always give birth out of wedlock….

      So before you open your gutter of a mouth to insult the igbos think very well because we are far better than the YORUBAS, and besides we don’t fool ourselves like your people does #UselessMarriedWoman

    • mhiz jennifer illechukwu..i swr lwkmd!..Abeg collect one cold origin drink for telin dat dirty smellin pig de fact!..yoruba pple..noise makers,dirty pple,lazy pple,ashawo married men and women.dnt worri kwashiorko go soon knock for una door step cos I hear say e dey north now….cos it was u guys dat voted for dat nonsense#change!

  5. you just proved ursef dat you’re all dummies old man mentality,,, your upstair ain’t functioniong wel i can see dat???. tel dat dumb sai baba werey “tem am say he no do wel 4 9ja ooo…..thunder blaaaaaaaaau 4 una head apc…

  6. Oga no vex ooo, did u study Engineering or Economics??? ‘Cos I learnt d minister of power studied MEDICINE!!!!! Una don Comot CHANGE put PROGRESS no wahala…. After all wen rice no d we still d survive…

  7. If not that I was trained to respect elders, I would have tell you that thunder will fire you,but I will not say that ur stupid but go get some common sense from Ben bruce

  8. It’s a pity how you’ve rubbished ur self… For ur info we ain’t waiting for the change we simply praying to survive til 2019…then we will know who is changing WHO.

  9. With due respect sir, stop provoking Nigerians with your utterances full of lies and deceit. People are dying of hunger and you have the effrontery to tell us real change. The so-called Ministers are “old amateurs” God will disgrace you come 2019.

  10. Couple of years again??from the way things are going ….Nigerians are hungry and crying…our God.. The God of Shedrack,Meshack, and Abednego will soon answer our prayers and you ppl might not see the end of your tenure. Be warned.

  11. But grey hair dey this man head na and even him mustache, why him go just come here dey lie for us, pls your excellency, respect your old Age na.. I wonder how you survived that long statement coming out of ur mouth it smells like you just poop through your mouth..#mouthfullofshit..

  12. Economically, Buhari is inept.. His failure to set up an Economic team early has cost us dearly. His go slow approach is killing Nigeria. Make haste Buhari and Professor Osinbajo. Nigerians are suffering.

  13. Hmmm…when am telling some people around me here when this oloriburuku change come I dey tell them the devil we know its better than the new angel…they insist that they need change though I don’t vote for anybody…now there is the change… PDP are corrupt but life is easy things are going smoothly n good are very cheap but APC are Holy’s but the economy is wreck..which one did we prefer now I think the corrupt its the best administration n Mr pastor you better shut that your mouth up for you not to have the embarrassing moment of your life…no improvement in Nigeria economy, electricity,education only know about saying about past govt…4yrs its near don’t worry…awon omoale jatijati

  14. Ayilala,Ogun,shonpona, diabetes, arthritis,one side headache go destroy all dis politicians 4 putting pple in hardship,it shall neva be well wit dem nd dia generations, anger of God will visit u pple one by one

  15. The screpture say not every one dat cal me Lord Lord wil enter d Kingdom of God, but rather those who do d wil of d Father. Is there any relationship b/w a true pastor & a polician?, so dont b decieve.

  16. 2 million jobs with in a year..scam. They have done nothing so far.. They blame it on past administration but the previous administration met an ex administration and things want rough.. 2 bad we all accepted 145N for petrol, 220 got kerosene..
    Gas funny even go there.

    But when Jonathan thought of increasing the fuel price to 120, we all went on heavy strike with no movement…. Too bad we all accepted this change

  17. APC are the deceivers. That is the reason they call themselve “ALL PROMISES CALCELLED”. All the promises they made during party campaign had been cancelled. Now they have turn the ‘Change’ to ‘Chain’.

  18. i know you’ll feel comfortable saying that since you’re not the one suffering from inflation…. rice don cost,ororo don cost,fish we no dre chop….but u stay in your house eating without knowing the price of one cup of rice.