valentine-day-215aAn Indonesian city has banned the festival after deeming it an ‘unlawful act’ under Islamic law. The government in the city of Banda Aceh,, have requested that locals no longer give cards or chocolates to celebrate Valentine’s Day according to Breitbart.

The city’s mayor, Illiza Saaduddin Djamal, declared that under Islamic law, Valentine’s day is considered a forbidden act.He said

“Our society and the Muslim youth should certainly not be celebrating non-Islamic holidays. ‘The law says it is haram. The government is obliged to protect the public and younger generation from unlawful acts,’

Police will be patrolling the streets of the city, warning people from giving flowers or other gifts for Valentine’s Day

The law forbids everyone from gifting flowers and chocolates to loved ones. Businesses cannot display Valentine’s Day decorations.



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