The notch screen is no doubt the rave of the moment within the smartphone ecosystem. The notch screen is essentially a cut-out, at the top, of a part of the screen display that retains the display space on either side of it, for information such as date, battery statistics and more, and for apps.

The notch screen has several benefits but the most important one is the fact that it gives the user the opportunity to view more details compared to other smartphones. Elite smartphone makers, Infinix Mobility joined the notch screen smartphone club with the unveiling of the Hot S3X in August 2018.

Well what do you know? Some unnamed persons have disclosed to us exclusively that Infinix is planning to add a new member to its notch screen family real soon and this next smartphone is poised to be from the Hot series, a subset of Infinix smartphones that is primarily aimed at bringing the most fun and optimum functionality to its consumers.

This Infinix smartphone (exact market name still undisclosed) is said to be coming with a high-level processor chipset, very high screen resolution, bright screen display, dual camera setup either in the front or back, top quality speakers, big battery that can last up to 2 days on a single charge, selfie camera assisted by an automated technology, two new-age smartphone security features, the latest android operating system and so much more.

While there is no way to validate this information, we can only hope and pay close attention to Infinix Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and XClub platforms for an official statement or release as regards a new smartphone that reiterates what has been gathered so far. It would be an absolute delight and a step in the right direction for Infinix Mobility remaining as market leaders within the African smartphone scene.

See some images of the next speculated Infinix smartphone

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