The field of smartphone creation in recent times have become so clustered, you begin to feel the talk of top quality smartphone devices would soon become non-existent and unheard of, as brands would have accepted the status quo to create nothing but unadulterated quality.

Unfortunately, most smartphone brands have failed to live up to expectations leaving dissatisfactory comments from consumers and a decline in demand for their products.

This is however, not the story for one of Africa’s premium smartphone makers, Infinix Mobility whom have made it a note of importance to not only create top quality smartphones that supersede its predecessors but also find unique means to utilise feedback gotten from their consumers to make smartphones that would guarantee the ultimate user experience.

A profound example of Infinix Mobility’s relentless work ethic to creating the best possible smartphone devices for its consumers is evident in its recently released Smart 2 and Smart 2 Pro. The Smart series is a set of low-end smartphones for entry level students, youth and the likes known its optimum efficiency, features that stem from the latest tech trends and its budget friendly nature.

The Infinix Smart 2 and Smart 2 Pro are outstanding handheld devices

Infinix Smart 2

Both the Smart 2 and Smart 2 Pro redefine viewing experiences on smartphones as they consist of a 5.5 HD+ screen display with the 18:9 screen aspect ratio which guarantees the user to view more.

Both also come with dual sim 4G LTE connectivity, a long lasting 3050mAh battery and 8MP lowlight selfie camera that does the job of taking amazing pictures even in low light situations while the Smart 2 Pro possesses dual rear cameras (13MP+2MP) with camera modes such as Bokeh effect and Portrait mode for premium quality pictures.

Infinix Smart 2

The Smart 2 and Smart 2 pro come with fingerprint scanner and Face ID for improved security of vital files plus it runs on the Android 8.1 Oreo OS. However, the Smart 2 operating system is tailored in a lighter version of the Oreo OS to offer a smoother and faster smartphone experience for users by offering newly reimagined apps such as Google Go, YouTube Go and Google Assistant for Android (Go edition) whilst managing data usage and enhancing efficiency.

The Smart 2 and Smart 2 Pro are substantial proof that Infinix Mobility has every one of its consumers at heart while it creates remarkable smartphones to the sheer delight of fans plus they will continually strive to ensure that new and beneficial smartphone technology is embedded into every device made available to the general public.

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