Truth be told, Celebrities get tons of hate mails/message and comments on a daily basis.

Apparently, it take one hurtful comment to touch a nerve that elicits a response from a celebrity.

It’s no different for Nollywood Actress, Ini Edo, as she yesterday on instagram posted a picture of herself in a lounge which is rumored to be hers.


She captioned the photo:


A fan or probably an enemy of the actress left a rather harsh comment on the picture, she said:


Lounge Owner! Only irresponsible female run such business. Go trace ur steps or you will continue failing in all marriages u get into.. Menopause is now 40… Just saying

The comment of Sarah got to Ini Edo as she was ready for her and left a response:


@sarahofulayi one can’t help but feel sorry for you. Untill your opinion can pay bills, stuff it. Sad woman….


  1. Ini Edo isn’t a prostitute not bcos she is an actress & a successful one at that, am happy for u Ini Edo,time has come when God will shut finally the mouth of the enemies & jealous one’s, please live ur life to the fullest, u owe nobody any explanation cos is ur money. God bless u more & more bountifully Ini Edo. @ Okoye Ifunanya Ann all woman isn’t a prostitute, correct that ur notion,okay.

  2. Just because u have been jumping from one man to another out of ur stupidity and laziness sleeping and have sex with them just because of money does not mean all women are like that.not every one think as foolishly as u do.beside u are no comparism to ini so shut your silly mouth up before i shut it for u.

  3. Ini baby, don’t mind the fool, she is talking out of fruastration. Unfortunately there is no drug for poverty except determination and hardwork.

  4. Point of correction all women are not prostitute.How can u call a woman who lived a descent life unto marriage prostitute?whoever made that comment it s for u alone to classify women to ur own lifestyle and opinion.

  5. Ini Edo, God will disgrace ur enemies and i pray that u will regain all ur lost glory and stand to laugh them before the end of this year. Amen

  6. let ini mind d way she go abt her lif cos she is still a matured woman bt anyway man mst talk nd mouth mst ………………………….

  7. Ini,dnt Mind Her,she Hs No Aim In Life.U R My Mentor.Buh U See U Cnt Leave In Dis World Without Haters.Dnt Mind Dem,do Ur Thing.Love U

  8. It’s so sad that i happen to share same name with the hater of Ini Edo.But i also believe strongly that she has a problem with success.Ini Edo dear,keep shining while she continues wailing.Sarah,u r a witch.

  9. Ini dnt be upset as 2u face idibia said if nobody talks abt u den ur nobody so dearie cheer up ad mk sarah knw ur beta off dan ha

  10. My sister,you are important hence they are following you like flies but don’t worry go ahead with your normal life they shall be tried.These flies do we ever know if they are living? Pls my baby live on,the good for nothing people will soon die for another person head- ache.

  11. We all know all that is going on in our movie industry…let’s look aside success achieved…are our ways right onto God…you guys should stop putting God in every successful person we see…even the devil gives richies as well….”The end justifies the means”

  12. Fans God die for sinners if you think you are righteous, pray for her weaknesses and God will bless you, for when you go close to her you will find out she’s better than you all in one aspect of life. May God bless you all.

  13. My sister don’t worry,it is well ,just go to T B JOSHUA for deliverance just have faith nd receive the morning water,GOD will give u many children IJN AMEN!

  14. You are not popular 1@sara, you didn’t make it in life 2@sara. Why not be happy with those that God has blessed so that yours will come. Leave INI alone you can’t be like her

  15. Ini we kenyans love u so much..never let pple make u feel bad.. dont care about wat they say to u…such pple r stupid n idlers thats y they av too much tym of doin nothn n abusing pple

  16. @chinedu Nelson, why are u perturbed as to wat Ini Edo chooses as her priority? She’ s hardworking, intelligent and at least an employer of labour. Who are u?@Chinedu Nelson. .Ini, pls have fun and enjoy while u can, life is too short. At the appointed time, God will perfect it all. Even if u are 40 and approaching menopause, thank God it’s not MENOSTOP. I luv u till hell gets cold @Ini

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