Self-proclaimed life coach, Solomon Buchi, has opined that it is insensitive to ask couples, especially strangers, when they are having children.

Taking to social media, the controversial media personality, who recently tied the knot with his partner Adeola, noted that asking strangers about their fertility was rude.

According to him, a lot of people could be dealing with infertility issues, and probing them could trigger and remind them of their struggles.

He wrote on Thursday, August 10,

“When will you have children?” is a question you shouldn’t ask strangers. It is insensitive. You might mean well, but people go through a lot: infertility, miscarriages, and difficulty conceiving.

So each time that question pops up, it reminds them of their struggle. If you see couples without children and you care so much about them having children, pray for them, don’t ask them, especially when you don’t know them. It can be rude and intrusive.”

A while back, Solomon Buchi tackled those seeking sexual compatibility with their prospective partner before marriage.

Taking to Facebook, Solomon opined that sexual compatibility is a lie from the pit of hell to make people fornicate unendingly in their pursuit for someone who will outperform their last sexual encounter.

According to him, instead of looking for ‘sexual compatibility’, people should seek ‘sexual commitment’ because it ensures growth and fulfilment in marriage.

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