Nigerian Catholic priest says

A Catholic Priest, Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Ehioma also known as Fada Mentor, has warned people to be careful of the marriages they admire on social media.

Taking to Facebook on Sunday, February 12, the clergyman said some couples’ lives are different from the images they portray on social media, and if people are given the opportunity to watch their daily lives, they would be scared of getting married.

 Nigerian Catholic priest says

According to him, a good marriage is not about wearing matching outfits on social media, but what happens in reality.

He wrote,

“If they install hidden cameras in the homes of some couples you admire on social media, some of you may not marry again.

Good marriages don’t exist on the internet but at home. No be to wear to-match and be deceiving your family here”.

In other news, a Nigerian lady identified as Chinesa Emmanule has accused her purported former lover, Ikenna Pope Nworah, of abandoning her to marry another woman after she reportedly supported his migration abroad.

Chinesa allegedly paid a lot of money to enable Ikenna’s move overseas with the promise of marrying her when he returns but he married a younger lady instead.

Taking to her Facebook page, Chinesa demanded Ikenna to come and settle her or there will be no peace and happiness in his marriage. Read here

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