Hilarious reactions have trailed a video that was shared on Instagram by @dudettewithsign which captured a lady hitting a TV with a bowling ball.

According to the caption which the user attached to the video, it was the woman’s first time of bowling and would definitely be her last.

The woman who was new to the game, was captured in the video swinging the bowling ball in her hand back and forth.

As she freed the ball in an attempt for it to hit the pin, the ball flew into the air and hit a TV screen which was accumulating points scored at the game.

On seeing the effect of her throw, she and everyone around her appeared shocked and scared of the damage the throw caused.

While some internet users felt pity for the woman, others found the situation hilarious, as they shared funny comments underneath the post.

Below are some of the comments,

@nancy_phil:  How did she even throw the heavy ball so high like that??..

@donaldmgb6:  But why would a TV be there, some of us just want to aim higher in life.

@leonzara.natural:  Bowling going on Shot Put, Mama for Olympics. My son just saw this and said “She bowled the tv” 

@the_funmeey:  Do you know how strong Mama has to be to throw that high? had that she’s been using to dish out Slaps for years

Watch the video below,

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