Popular Nigerian catholic priest, Fr. Kelvin Ugwu, has taken to his social media page to kick against the infamous behavior of people spraying money into the crowd for people to scramble and almost trample themselves to get a hold of some cash.

According to the cleric, it is very insulting.

His Facebook post reads ;

I know there are certain abnormalities that have become normal such that you dare not question them.
You may not agree with me and that is fine. But I will still say this. . .
It is very INSULTING to be THROWING monies on people while they SCRAMBLE to pick them.
It is what I keep saying. . . a mental problem, a void, someone seeking to show the other that he is above and superior.
There is a reason why that money cannot be given to the people in a way that will respect their dignity, . . .the reason is, it will not create that “show off” which the person spraying the money earnestly seeks to achieve.
I can only imagine how Christ fed 5,000 men. . . If you count children and women, I am sure they will be close to 15,000 to 20,000.
If it were the people of my generation, we would have been throwing fish and bread on the people and watch in excitement as they scramble for them.
Some of the videos I have been seeing coming from the funeral, there is no difference between what is there and how we feed animals. In fact, even some animals have dignified ways they collect their food.
Note: Have I said people should not spend their money? No! Have I called them money ritualistic? No! This is for those who are already planning to misunderstand the post.

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