Nigerian crossdresser, James Brown, has a message for his haters, blasting them that they are just jealous of his ‘big’ manhood.

The popular in a new video boasted about the size of his manhood while blasting those shaming him for his raunchy photos

Highlighting one of his photos where he was scantily-clad in female sportswear, he said:

“This picture, Nigeria almost tear me apart. They say I have lost, they say I am born by mistake. My dear, this picture you’re looking at sell my market very well. I’m selling market.”

“This picture you’re looking at, I am selling my market. So, I’ll not let anybody to come and kill my shine. I won’t let you with your badmouthing. I don’t care, you won’t come and spoil my market.”

He then moved on to another photo where he was posing in underwear to advertise for the underwear company.

He said: “I snap picture, advertising boxer, and they said I carry tissue for my… How? How did I put tissue?

“Me put tissue for my prick? I don’t show off,” he said.

“My sugar daddy knows,” he added, before quickly correcting himself, saying, “My sugar mummy knows that what I’m carrying is gbola gbola…”

“He continued: “My woman, my sugar mummy who pays my bills knows.

“It’s paining you guys that I have something big, that I have something big than your father, something big than your great-grandfather.

Watch the video below;

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