Veteran Nollywood star John Okafor, known as Mr. Ibu, has revealed that he no longer eats food prepared by his wife, Stella Maris after their issues.

Mr. Ibu shared this in response to a query about how being poisoned in the past affected his relationships with others, especially in light of his recent altercation with his wife.

He stated that he stopped eating her meals when she argued with him and his adopted daughter, Jasmine Chioma, and accused them of having an affair.

In his words;

“I have landed properties, and about 10 cars. I see the women my wife is moving with as being greedy. They have eyes on my properties. They feel like if anything happens to me, my wife would be the one to get everything.
I was poisoned but I don’t know where it came from. I survived the first attempt; then, the second one came. I investigated the second attempt, and discovered that someone from my town was actually contracted to poison me. I suspected my wife, and I confronted her, but she denied it. I followed up until I got the man that brought the poison to the compound, and gave it to somebody to use it on me. I went to the man and told him that I got his message. I asked him if I had done anything bad to him. But, he acted oblivious of the incident. I went through hell because of that poison. I could not breathe well, and I cried every day. I later vomited things and went to the hospital where I was given a supplement that restored me back.
I went back to living my life; but I was poisoned again. My cousin came out to say that I was showing him that I was rich. He went ahead to threaten me. I had to go and hire a gun, with the intention of going to the village to kill him. But, when I got home, he was not there. I sat in my car because I did not want it to look like someone directed me. I was waiting for him, when my late father appeared to me, and told me that if I did what I intended to do, my world would be in shambles and I would regret it. I then drove off. While on my way, I saw my cousin, and he was calling out to me to stop, but I did not. If not that my late father appeared to warn me, I would have killed him.
Since the recent incident, my wife has been so loving. But, I know it is all a pretense just to get my attention. I still show her love, providing money for domestic needs and making sure the family is fine. But, I am very skeptical. I cannot eat her food anymore. For now, I only eat from Jasmine’s kitchen. She cooks a lot, and I like eating.
This is my final marriage. If this one falls apart, I won’t marry again. This is my fifth and the worst marriage, because my wife adopted what is not obtainable. This feels like punishment; not marriage. I doubt if I am still in the marriage, because it seems she has already prepared her mind to leave, and I’m not going to stop her. I support her leaving. Each time I see her, I begin to breathe erratically, and it is not good for me, because I am not ready to die. There are opportunities God exposed me to that are of interest to me.”

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