finger print busted

Jealous wife of a UK Foreign Office envoy, busted her husband’s affair when she read his mobile phone messages after unlocking the device with his thumbprint while he was asleep.

She however ended up in hospital with injuries allegedly inflicted by him for the act while her diplomat hubby was arrested at his London office on suspicion of actual bodily harm.

UK Sun reports that the wife believed her husband was having an affair with a female work colleague.

So, while the 40-year-old slept in their central London apartment, she took his phone, enabled with a fingerprint sensor, and pressed his thumb on the home button to unlock it and read his messages.

He woke to realize he had been “caught with his trousers down” as his wife confronted him over the contents of his phone.

A row erupted during which, the wife alleges, he lashed out at her.

Following the bust-up in the early hours of Saturday July 16, she went to hospital for treatment for unspecified injuries and made a complaint at lunchtime to police alleging she was assaulted.

Her husband was arrested at the beginning of this month at work in front of shocked colleagues and taken to a central London police station.

His fingerprints, a mugshot and DNA saliva swab were taken. He was questioned under caution by community safety unit officers, who specialize in domestic violence cases, and bailed.

One source said:

“He was caught with his trousers down and is no James Bond type. His wife was suspicious about whether he was having an affair.

“While he was sleeping, she took his phone and gently pressed his thumb on it to unlock it and read his messages.

“A row developed and she ended up in hospital. She claimed he had beaten her.”

His wife is said to have since provided a full statement to police.

The Met said:

“Detectives from a London community support unit are investigating an allegation of domestic assault.

“On August 1, detectives arrested a 40-year old man on suspicion of actual bodily harm. He has been bailed to return to police in mid-September.’



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