The virgin Nigerian bride that went viral on social media recently after she shared pictures of her blood-soaked bedsheet as proof that she got married a virgin, has hit back at netizens who told her sharing the photos was inappropriate.

Some users took to the comment section to share their thoughts on the photos she shared and in response, she said that the people criticising her are “jealous”.

A particular follower told her sharing the photo is “nonsense” and followed up with a lengthy comment on why she couldn’t be jealous of the virgin bride after the latter said she was.

The virgin bride then responded again saying, “Nne were you married a virgin? Was any of your sisters married as virgins?… If no be jealousy dey kill you, no be to rest?

Read their exchange,

Ihechi Mary Ebe had recently taken to her Facebook page to share that although it was hard, she kept her vow to God and remained a virgin till she got married.

To back up her claim she shared photos of a blood stained bed which she claimed was from she and her husband’s first night as proof.

Sharing the photos, she wrote,

“Yes, I have given it to the only man who deserved and worked for it. Although very painful, but, I am fulfilled because it was my sole desire to do this after marriage. For those who castigated and doubted, you can rest now.

And for you who called yourself a lover, attempted to rape me to have it by force, God has put you to shame.
Ohhhh, I fought, I fought so hard to keep my vow to God, and I am so fulfilled having succeeded and I thank God for the man I call husband. Four years of patiently waiting isn’t moi moi.

And for you who doubted my virginity and needed a confirmation first before you believe, na mumu dey worry you, a real man believed it without attempting to confirm it and he patiently waited for four years, now, he has got it in its fullness.

You the rapist lover who attempted to take it by force, God done over punish you and you never succeeded, a real man has patiently waited for four years, now, he has got it and made it his customized size. Ntorrrrrrr.”

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  1. This issue shouldn’t be up to this. Sincerely it’s a personal thing and as a matter of fact if I was asked my view about it, it’s a NO NO for me. But the poster has done it to suit her conscience and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Just waka and don’t comment and if you must comment do it in love, I’m sure she wouldn’t be angry at you. I married my wife a virgin but I can’t imagine she posting proves on social media that year, oh boy na to change am for her. Another thing is, it’s obvious it was an agreement between the lady and her husband so we should respect their own way of doing things.

  2. The world will be a better place when start appreciating good people.
    If she did not post it, how do u want our young generation to know is still possible to keep themselves.
    Many dont even believe we still have virgins not to talk of keeping it till marriage.
    Madam you did a great job, God bless you for keeping yourself.

  3. It was a pleasurable injury my dear. God bless your home with glorious children in Jesus name. Your kinds are very rare.

  4. God bless u jare our virgin bride, e no easy, even those days the white piece of cloth is brought out for people to know the bride was a virgin , so you did great, na immorality nija people dey like to advertise , if na rape or bad thing now them go share, any one criticizing u na mumu dey worry am . thumb up dear.

  5. Babe congrats,, it’s your choice,, whatever u like u are free to post,, it’s nobody’s business,, your virginity is your pride,,y been jealous of her,,is she the one that asked u guys to dis flower yourselves,,y jealousing her y,,my dear it a good thing am happy for u

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