Obi Cubana cries

A video that captures the moment popular business mogul, Obi Cubana, complained bitterly after an Arab man refused to leave his Live session has gone viral online.

Obi Cubana and his wife, Ebele, went live on TikTok recently to chat with their followers and gave some fans the opportunity to converse with them personally.

Obi Cubana cries

During the live, Ebele accepted an Arab man’s request to speak with them, but things took a different turn when the man refused to exit the chat.

In the viral clip, Ebele was seen appreciating the man for joining the call and bade the man goodbye but he simply acknowledged the appreciation and kept repeating the phrase, “I’m fine, thank you”.

Though it’s not clear if the man doesn’t fully understand English language, he kept saying the words over and over again.

Obi Cubana cries

The call got very awkward and Ebele had to hand the phone over to her husband to handle the Arab man. However, he still continued repeating his initial statement, and even asked for the country Obi Cubana comes from.

At this point, Obi Cubana was already fed up of the man’s action and proceeded to vent his frustration in Igbo language.

“Ehyee, Jehova kedu ife bu ife a” which means “Jehova, what type of thing is this?”

Watch the funny exchange below,

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