Divorced mother of two

A South African woman has taken to TikTok to reflect on her life ahead of her 31st birthday in two weeks.

The divorced mother of two, identified as @ediemac28, said she will turn 31 soon and has not achieved anything worthwhile in her life.

She said she does not have a well-paying job, neither does she have a car or a house to her name.

Divorced mother of two

According to her, she might be pretending that everything is fine on social media, but deep down she’s not happy.

She further disclosed that the father of her two children does not support them financially or emotionally, and she’s been charged with the sole responsibility of taking care of the kids.

She however noted that she believes everything will eventually turn out well because she’s trusting the process.

In the video she shared, she wrote,

“Pretending to be okay, meanwhile I’m turning 31 after 2 weeks, no house, no car, no stable job, divorced with two kids, baby daddy not supporting the kids, but I’m trusting the process.”

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The lady’s story has gone viral on TikTok and sparked different reactions from netizens, with many encouraging her with their personal stories as well.

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