A Nigerian lady identified on Facebook as, “Isong Idaresit”, has declared on her page, that she doesn’t believe Judas sold Jesus, his own master, as she feels it was all staged to make us believe Judas was evil.

Taking to her Facebook page to share her opinion on the bible story of Judas betraying Jesus, She wrote, “Jesus used Judas to gain popularity,” and that she doesn’t even believe he rose after three days.”

Read what she wrote below.



  1. It is you that is trying to gain popularity, kingdoms of darkness has let loose their agents because their time is short. Repent before it becomes to late for you.JESUS is LORD from everlasting to everlasting.JESUS created you & your master the devil.

  2. Lolzzzzzzzz gone are those days people would be wasting their time trying to convince anybody what ever you like believe the end would justify lwkmd funny lady.


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