BRT bus driver arrested

The BRT bus driver who was arrested in connection with the abduction and murder of 22-year-old Bamise Ayanwole, has given his alleged account of what happened the night Bamise went missing.

BRT bus driver arrested

Speaking in an interview with TVC news, the 47-year-old driver identified as Andrew Nice, recounted how he picked Bamise from Chevron and how she was forcefully dragged out of the bus by some guys he picked up along the way.

According to Andrew, the guys showed him their weapons which instilled fear in his heart so he couldn’t do anything to help the young lady but drove off after they abducted her.

His words,

“I picked her from Chevron and I picked the other three guys at Agungi. When those guys showed me the weapon, I was kind of…I can’t be myself anymore. Fear has come in me.

The man…whatever he told me was what I do. When I followed that Carter bridge, after the overhead bridge, they ordered me to stop them. They ordered me to stop and said I should open the door.

When I opened the door, they came down and started dragging her. When I saw she was crying for help, I was helpless. I was thinking that she was inside the vehicle holding the iron.

Sir, I moved on.”

He also disclosed that he was arrested in the place he was hiding after the sad incident occurred.

Watch a video of him speaking below,

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