A viral video showing passengers on a commercial bus in Lagos fighting dirty has elicited humorous reactions from Nigerians.

Although the cause of the rumble is unclear, viral reports alleged that one of the passengers who sat close to the door wouldn’t leave the way for another passenger who sat at the back and wanted to alight at his bus stop.

The bus finally stopped and the two men continued their fight on the streets. Shockingly, another commuter who was in his own car joined in the fight.

Narrating what transpired, an Instagram user @debbie.aire who claimed she was also on the bus, wrote,

“Okay so I was in this bus and the both of them had the issues while coming from cms🤣🤣the guy one black knew what’s he was doing to the guy on white and that one no get power na mouth e get 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣”.

Watch video below,

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