In new reports following the wake of rape and sexual assault that’s had Nigerian internet buzzing over the last few days, a new case of attempted rape followed by murder has just been reported.

An 18-year-old lady, identified as Barakat Bello is reported to have murdered at her home in Ibadan after she resisted rape.

Though there are multiple versions of this story. According to Twitter user, @DrOlufunmilayo who shared the news, Barakat was home alone when the incident occurred.

Barakat, a Muslim Hijabi sister, was home alone when suspected armed robbers invaded her home to steal and in course of that, raped and killed her.

Another report gathered says that the deceased was stabbed to death by the robbers while resisting their attempt to rape her.

Barakat was a year 1 student in the Federal College of animal health and production in Ibadan. She has since been buried.

@DrOlufunmilayo wrote,

Barakat Bello was alone at home yesterday when some men attacked her. She was raped and killed.

This was in Ibadan yesterday.
She was only 18.

Barakat was at home.
She is a Muslim hijabi sister.

You mad people that come up with excuses for rape, what is the excuse this time?

This incident happened in Akinyele area of Ibadan. The men are believed to be armed robbers who came to steal in their house. She was alone at home.

They raped her.
They also killed her.

She has now been buried today.
How many more girls need to die this way?

She was a year1 student in federal college of animal health and production in Ibadan.

She was only 18.

Now she is dead and buried.
Raped and killed by murderous men.

We cannot continue this way.
The govt cannot continue to look away and ignore these murders.

This is insane.



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