Kanye Cait And Kim

GOOD Music boss, Kanye West, in a recent interview with show studio, accidentally called transgender Caitlyn Jenner, by her “man name” “Bruce”. He immediately apologized though, saying he was disrespectful.

When the rap star was describing how Caitlyn hadn’t let public opinion hold her back from what she wanted, he said:

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“Bruce just got off the exit sign and drove as fast as he wanted to.”

Terrified Kanye, immediately back-tracked and apologized:

He said:

“That’s disrespectful, I’m sorry”I’m still getting acquainted with what’s politically correct, because it’s new and it’s modern.””I just feel so proud to be in a family that has, so many people breaking ground for generations to come.”


  1. U will still call him Bruce again so there is no need apologising now be cos dats his real name 4 over 60’s years

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