Kanye West seems to have taken the spotlight off his wife’s smokin post baby bod and even the Kardashians in general.

Recently, after saying it would never happen and even threatening to give their $1million back, the rap star has revealed he is happy over his sister-in-law, Kylie Jenner‘s Puma deal.

He also revealed she signed it in secret and he was mad for a little bit. Kanye said to reporters on his way to the airport.

“She had already signed and I was mad for a little bit… but I’m really happy for her though.”

Talking as he walked he continued:

“I spent 53 million over the past 13 years chasing my dreams and I wanted to make sure all entrepreneurs that it’s possible to go under and still make it out.

“You know with my shoes I know I’m going to make it better but there’s times it was definitely hard, there was times it was a struggle, there were times it was frustrating because it felt like if you make the Yeezys maybe someone will come out and support you. “It felt like if you are a dope artist then maybe someone will support you, but that didn’t happen. The only company that ever supported me was Adidas.”

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