Laurie Idahosa advices

Author and clergywoman, Laurie Idahosa, has given a golden word of advice to single ladies waiting for Mr. Right.

Laurie in a post shared on her social media page, advised them to stop committing to men prematurely and instead wait for him to communicate his intentions clearly.

According to her, ladies should keep their options open until a man tells them he wants to be committed to them in clear terms.

Her words,

“⛔️Warning Strong Advice ⛔️

When a man wants to be with you in a committed relationship, he will make himself clear. If he doesn’t, you will keep seeking for clarity when it is staring you in the face.

If he isn’t ready, the whole thing will look and feel confusing. You’ll be hot one day and cold the next. No consistency.

Once his mind is made up, he knows how to get his point across.

Why should ladies be any different? We don’t need to sit around like beggars for commitment.

Know what you are looking for and don’t settle for less than what brings you peace and what fulfills God’s purpose. Stop trying to make every square peg fit into a round hole, justifying nonsense.

🔑🔑🔑 Guard your heart and keep your options open. 🔑🔑🔑

Oh, and if he ever blocks you, e get why.”

Laurie Idahosa advices

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