South African virgin vows

A South African woman who gained popularity on social media for being a virgin at 33, has vowed to keep speaking about her virginity until she gives it away to her husband.

Zukiswa Joyi, a graduate of Durban University of Technology, stated this in a post shared on her Facebook page on Tuesday, December 6, 2022.

According to her, if celebrities and influencers can brag about sex, body count and other sex-related discourse, then people shouldn’t complain about her decision to publicize her virginity.

“If Christ tarries I will keep speaking about my Purity and Virginity until I give it away to my husband,”
she wrote.

“You all don’t complain when your favorite celebrities are speaking about body counts, boasting about useless things and misleading young galz even those inside the church…. It’s an honorable thing to remain a virgin until marriage, it’s even more honorable to remain sexually pure while single and inside marriage…….happy Tuesday. #33YrsOldVirgin #NoRingNosex #HonoringGod”

A while back, Zukiswa Joy has taken to social media to celebrate her friend, Sunshine Zumpe Vundisa, who she claims is a virgin at 37.

Zukiswa Joyi, 33, revealed in a Facebook post that her friend, Sunshine, is also a virgin.

Taking to Facebook to celebrate her 37-year-old virgin friend on her birthday, Zukiswa wrote,

“I’m proud to share that I’m surrounded by godly woman who uphold godly standards, 37 Years old Virgin, no mahn, we are many out here waiting on God, incase you feeling discouraging and alone, just know that God has Women out here who love and pursue him fiercely, I just had to share this since it’s her birthday and the next birthday might not find her a v. Dot because hubby would have taken it…. Happy birthday Sunshine,” she wrote.

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