A South African woman, Zukiswa Joyi, has taken to social media to celebrate her friend, Sunshine Zumpe Vundisa, who she claims is a virgin at 37.

Zukiswa Joyi, 33, who gained popularity on social media after she announced her decision to keep her virginity until marriage, revealed in a Facebook post that her friend, Sunshine, is also a virgin.

Taking to Facebook to celebrate her 37-year-old virgin friend on her birthday, Zukiswa wrote,

“I’m proud to share that I’m surrounded by godly woman who uphold godly standards, 37 Years old Virgin, no mahn, we are many out here waiting on God, incase you feeling discouraging and alone, just know that God has Women out here who love and pursue him fiercely, I just had to share this since it’s her birthday and the next birthday might not find her a v. Dot because hubby would have taken it…. Happy birthday Sunshine,” she wrote.

A while ago, Zukiswa Joyi threw jabs at women who pray for their cheating husbands to change their ways instead of walking out of the marriage.

According to her, even Jesus Christ instructed people with unfaithful partners to leave the marriage, but some women prefer to stay back and endure physical and emotional abuse, and also face the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

Zukiswa wrote,

“When it comes to cheating Spouses, Jesus Christ didn’t say you should pray, he said leave. But you Prayer warrior of the most high you are there Praying and collecting diseases and emotional and Physical abuse, even Jesus can’t save you” she wrote on Sunday, October 30.

“Even God walked out on Israel whenever she was cheating (bowing to idols or other gods) he left them in the hands of their enemies until they came back to their senses and humbled themselves and left their side coks to be with him the Husband.”

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